Wouldn’t you like to know how to ….

  • Double your productivity?
  • Cut time-to-market in half?
  • Improve quality by 250%?
  • Build teams with the ideal size?

We can tell you. My team and I have “crawled around in the data” of nearly 10,000 development teams to uncover key insights about Agile performance -- insights with the power to impact how you do Agile.

The Rally Software Development Performance Index (SDPI) measures the effectiveness of Agile methodologies using real, anonymized data from working Agile teams. The insights from these data, which are validated by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, can help you evaluate your own business on metrics like Predictability, Productivity, Quality, and Responsiveness. If you’ve wished for a way to quantify your investment in Agile, or searched for recommendations to help you improve your performance, these insights are for you.

My talk on this topic was one of the most popular at Agile 2013 -- and we're only just getting started. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and settle in with my insight videos.

Ready to dive deeper? Unlock the whitepaper, The Impact of Agile. Quantified.


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