IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

Rally’s IDE integrations allows developers to access user stories and defects from within their existing environment and flow status updates directly into Rally.



Extend Rally’s task, user story, and defect management to your existing Eclipse development environment. The Rally connector for Eclipse gives you the flexibility to manage any of your development stories, tasks, and defects within the Eclipse IDE or offline using the Mylyn infrastructure.

Rally Plugin for Visual Studio

Gain real-time visibility between Rally and Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server source code assets and build results with seamless integration into Rally’s collaborative Agile planning dashboards. The Rally Connector for Visual Studio provides an integrated window that allows a user to view and update their stories and associated tasks with links into Rally so you can administer additional work product details.


The Task-Focused Desktop (Tasktop) enables you to take control of the enormous volumes of information that make up your workday. Instead of being overloaded with hundreds of files and web pages, Tasktop shows you only the information that is relevant to your current task. The Tasktop standalone application allows you to relate your daily tasks to emails, files on your computer, web sites, or even artifacts in Rally using the Rally Connector for Tasktop.


This plugin allows users collaborate with your team using Rally while keeping your fingers on the keyboard.
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