Rally Enterprise Edition

Coordinate Multi-Team Programs

Rally Enterprise Edition supports shared product backlogs, hierarchical projects, roll-up reporting and advanced analytics. You also get an extensible platform with connectors to popular software tools, development toolkits and full access to the Rally App Catalog.

Features Include
Multi-Team Release Planning

Match Rally to how you're organized, then coordinate multiple release backlogs so every team knows how their work supports the larger features and release commitments.

Multi-Team Program Tracking

Keep multi-team releases in sync with reports and views that automatically roll up progress against shared commitments.

Kanban for Software Development Teams

Kanban, or "signboard," is a flexible system for managing the flow of work for almost any process. Many software teams are turning to shared Kanban boards to increase visibility, handle interruptions and speed the flow of work.

Kanban Boards are Intuitive and Visual

  • Because you can use Kanban boards to visualize almost any software process, you can use them without implementing large-scale organizational change
  • Kanban boards are intuitive; it’s easy to see how cards flow from left to right
  • Individual items flow through the system faster because you limit the number of items in flight at one time. Team members are encouraged to finish what’s in flight before pulling more work into development
  • Bottlenecks are easy to identify visually when cards pile up in a column
  • Interrupt-driven teams (like maintenance or IT) who have a hard time planning iterations often find Kanban a good way to keep their workload under control
  • The Kanban approach scales to multiple levels, enabling organizations to optimize the flow of features and whole projects

Enterprise Kanban in Rally

Rally’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Platform tracks status and progress across all of your projects (whether you use Scrum, Kanban or a hybrid approach) with roll-up reporting that automatically aggregates all of your project data. This means that you can use Rally as a single source of record to track development work across the entire enterprise regardless of the development methodology that individual teams use.

What Can You Do with Rally’s Kanban Boards?

  • Display columns matching Rally’s default schedule states
  • Customize a Kanban board to display columns that key off of any drop-down field
  • Design different column designs for different teams and still aggregate all of this data with roll-ups

Displaying and Moving Stories and Defects

Rally Kanban Boards
  • Display user stories and defects on Rally Kanban boards.
  • Drag and drop cards up or down to re-rank them within the same column
  • Drag them left or right to move them to a new state
  • Red borders indicate the story is blocked; green indicates the story is ready to pull

After a few days, Rally will begin to display how long an item has been in the current column so you can take action to keep work flowing.  You can edit quickly from the board, view the card's full details or launch the full editor.

Kanban Reports and Metrics Increase Predictability

When you start using Kanban boards for tracking, you can immediately see, identify and alleviate bottlenecks. Over time, Rally’s ALM Platform captures a wide variety of metrics that help you increase work predictability, an even greater benefit.

Throughput, Cycle/LeadTime and Cumulative Flow reports are at the heart of any Kanban-based system. These reports guide you in improving your planning and scheduling to accurately predict when you will complete work. Build realistic roadmaps based on quantitative analysis of your team’s performance, not guesswork.

Rally Kanban Boards
Rally Kanban Boards

Each team’s metrics are captured in Rally’s ALM data warehouse regardless of methodology used. Rally's built-in reporting engine rolls up this data across your enterprise. No more time-consuming imports to Excel or PPT. Rally's shared dashboards aggregate all development data (defects, test cases, user stories, tasks, builds, etc.) giving everyone real-time insight into the status of all of your projects - at any level within your organization.

Supported Integrations

Rally's ALM platform reduces the pain of connecting enterprise tools to create a single source of record for decision-making across the business.

Both our SaaS and On-Premise products seamlessly integrate and synchronize with best-of-breed development tools - whether they are behind your corporate firewalls or hosted in the cloud. Extend Rally functionality with free Apps from the Rally App Catalog or create new displays, reports, and integrations using our Apps SDK toolkit and Enterprise Integrations Framework.

Rally extends your existing enterprise investments through our library of enterprise integrations and connectors.

Rally Integrations

Extensible Platform, App Catalog and App SDK
Development and Test Sandboxes

Match Rally to the unique needs of your company by refining your integrations, custom applications and extensions in a safe environment using a copy of your real data.

SaaS Infrastructure

Today, businesses rely on global Web applications that respond in real-time, all the time.  Rally's multi-tenant architecture provides the highest levels of reliability and performance in the industry, ensuring secure access to your data from anywhere in the world.

Rally understands that data integrity, availability and security are critical to your success. That's why we invest heavily in an advanced network infrastructure. Rally has data centers in multiple locations offering best-of breed security, near-continuous backups and documented disaster recovery plans. Rally is the only Agile ALM vendor offering documented server response times averaging 300 ms, availability exceeding 99.9%, and a strong SLA (service level agreement) that puts our money where our mouth is.

SaaS Infrastructure

Expand Your Global Usage with Proven Scalability

Rally's multi-tenant architecture easily scales to many thousands of users in your subscription - with no need to worry about hardware upgrades or performance issues. Check out the typical cost savings of on-demand deployment versus a typical on-premise installation.

>99.9% Up-time Means Rally is Available When You Need It

Rally delivers availability exceeding 99.9% and server response times averaging 300ms. Lots of vendors talk about their performance, but we provide real-time visibility into server status and documented historical performance levels.

Optimized for Distributed Teams

We know that fostering collaboration and communication among far-flung teams is critical to scaling Agile across the enterprise. That's why we utilize the Akamai platform, the world's largest fault-tolerant network with over 65,000 servers in 70 countries. The Akamai network employs route optimization to identify the most reliable path back to your server, insuring optimum communication and the shortest possible response times.

Sleep with Confidence - Your Data Is Secure

Your data is stored in enterprise-class data centers at three different locations, with full disaster recovery and backup procedures. We also provide multiple levels of security (visit our Security Page for details on how we insure that your data remains private, available and secure.)

Leverage Existing Systems and Tools

Rally delivers availability exceeding 99.9% and server response times averaging 300ms. Lots of vendors talk about their performance, but we provide real-time visibility into server status and documented historical performance levels.

Customizable - Because One Size Does NOT Fit All

Every organization has different needs. That's why we provide a robust, versioned web services API, developer tool-kits, and pre-built components to jump-start your customization efforts. We also provide a sandbox to test new functionality without impacting your production system.

Enjoy Hassle-free Upgrades

All upgrades and product updates happen during brief maintenance windows without requiring any of your IT resources. Plus, our versioned API ensures your customizations keep working. Rally's Product Blog, and regular emails to administrators, keep you informed of enhancements and provide tips on using new features.

SLA Provides Guaranteed Performance

Rally offers Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to back up our availability. If we don't meet our uptime commitments, our customers are reimbursed with service credits. Check out our SLA agreement to learn the details.

Rally Enterprise Edition also includes these features:
Integrated Stories, Tasks, Defects and Test Cases

Centralize everything the team needs to build and rank backlogs, estimate size, and groom items for planning and scheduling.

Agile Project Management

Give your entire organization real-time visibility into the status of features, quality, priorities, roadblocks and risks. Contribute to team discussions and instantly communicate with team members — without leaving the application.

Requirements Management

Import, create, prioritize and track requirements backlogs with full traceability. Break high-level feature descriptions into specific functional requirements and map these to releases and iterations with intuitive drag-and-drop planning.

Iteration / Sprint Management

Balance commitments against your team’s velocity and help everyone focus on advancing ideas to delivery.

Customizable Dashboards and Collaboration Tools

Participate in the flow of activities on your team and tailor your views and notifications to help you get the right things done. Create your own custom dashboards and share them with your team.

Agile Reports and Metrics

Trend your performance and easily share progress and forecasts with all stakeholders.  Rally provides powerful reporting and metrics for your agile software development teams.

On-Demand Multi-Tenant Platform

Deliver great software and trust Rally to protect your data and keep it accessible to your global teams.

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