Our Mission

Our Mission

In 2011, Rally made public our goal to become Net Positive by 2020. Not "green", not "sustainable", not "natural" - Net Positive. Where our measurable positive impacts on the world are greater than our measurable negative impacts. That mission has been a driving force behind our internal sustainability practices for several years. Rally For Impact  is the next step on that journey.

It’s Time For Engineers to Rally

With the world population estimated to be between 9 and 12 billion by 2050, we are straining the natural systems that maintain clean water, clean air, fertile soil, biological diversity, and the planet’s temperature. With the degradation of these natural systems, life on earth will be inhospitable for human beings by the year 2100. That’s only 88 years from now.

It is time for the engineers of the planet to apply their skills to change the system. With the increasing number of warning signs from the natural world, I believe we need to innovate to the most feasible, effective, desirable and sustainable solutions. There is no one silver bullet. We must get there by iterating quickly and sharing our learnings widely.

Leveraging What We Do Best in the World

Our mission to mobilize citizen engineers to solve the world's toughest problems is based in part on my interactions with Dave Douglas, co-author of the book Citizen Engineer. Dave and Greg define citizen engineers as, “the connection point between science and society—between pure knowledge and how it is used. Citizen engineers are techno-responsible, environmentally responsible, economically responsible, socially responsible participants in the engineering community.”  

To mobilize citizen engineers to do this, we need to leverage:

  • design thinking to produce highly desirable solutions that scale quickly
  • agile thinking to bring the power of small teams to large problems
  • lean startup to simultaneously solve for feasibility and effectiveness
  • open source licenses to disseminate learnings and solutions freely across the planet
  • sociology and biology to design sustainable solutions that work with nature

Between Dave's book, the Stanford d.school, Steve Blank and what we know about scaling Agile, we now have a recipe for mobilizing citizen engineers. Our job at Rally For Impact is to work collaboratively with our employees, partners and customers to leverage these methods to citizen engineers across the planet.

We believe business can be the force that helps us create sustainable systems for billions of humans to live on this planet in a just, equitable and restorative fashion. It is why we are here as a company.