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One way to describe Rally is to say we are absolutely dedicated to making your development organization faster, leaner and more agile. In fact, we think helping you be "on time and on budget" is setting a pretty low bar for success. We want you to consistently win product awards. We want to spike your net promoter score. We want you to be in control of your own destiny, because no matter how fast things change, you've got the speed and agility to move to the front of the pack.

A short, 'press release' way to describe Rally is that we're the leader in Agile application lifecycle management (ALM).

Yes, it can sound like hype, but in its May 2010 evaluation of 10 Agile tool vendors, Forrester Research wrote that Rally "offers the best current balance of product capability and strategic outlook." That's high praise for our products, but we're not just an award-winning software vendor. We've also built unique Agile services expertise to help companies through the organizational change required to become a great, innovative, Agile business. Forrester summed it up more modestly, saying, "Rally has a strong services group with lots of experience around enterprise Agile adoption, benchmarking and assessments."

OK. But what can my company really expect from Rally?

The best way to learn about Rally is to hear from our customers. As of early 2011, we are proud to serve 9,700 companies and 112,000 users across 101 countries. You can read their stories in our experience reports, see their videos or attend one of our Agile Success Tours when we visit a city near you.

Why go Agile?

Building a great, Agile business is not easy - though most find it's easier to produce great, innovative products when you use Agile practices. Put simply, Agile shortens development cycles. It minimizes all types of risks, roots out waste, and it ensures you are always working on the most important needs of the business. For the benchmarking set, an independent study by QSMA showed Rally customers had 50% faster time-to-market than their industry peers. These companies also measured a 25% increase in productivity and saw only 1/4 the expected defect counts.

Rally's end-to-end solutions for Agile success also include Agile University, the largest online source for Agile training, and Agile Commons, the largest collaborative Web community dedicated to advancing software agility.

It's your move

If you're ready to adopt or expand your Agile and Lean efforts, Forrester made deciding who to partner with pretty easy... here is their Agile vendor evaluation report. You can also contact us and talk to smart people about your efforts and how Rally's products and Agile services can make your life easier.

If you're still learning about how Agile and Lean would fit in your company, then browse our famous education on Agile planning, Agile quality or Agile for executives. Regardless, you'll probably get a lot out of tracking Rally's Agile Blog led by our Founder/CTO Ryan Martens and Agile Fellow Jean Tabaka.

Oh, and we are always looking to add super talented people to the Rally team. We keep growing and would love to meet you. Named as a Best Company to Work For in Colorado from 2007-2011, and ranked as the 6th Best Place to Work in the Nation by Outside Magazine in 2010, Rally offers a highly collaborative culture and work-life balance that attracts top talent.

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