Rally launches 'Rally-Enabled Partner Program' for Agile development consultants

Rally teams with IT systems integrators and Agile trainers to support clients' transition to Agile development

BOULDER, Colo., July 18, 2005 - Rally Software Development Corp., the leader in knowledge, coaching and on-demand tooling for scaling Agile software development, today announced the launch of the Rally-Enabled Partner Program. By partnering with leading IT systems integrators and Agile training organizations, the program further strengthens Rally's comprehensive solutions for enabling even the largest software organizations to effectively scale Agile practices across their enterprise.

By joining the Rally-Enabled Partner Program, select Agile systems integrators and training organizations can receive a mix of free and discounted licenses of Rally's software lifecycle management solution for their use in their software engagements. The partner may also deploy Rally's coaches who specialize in mentoring software executives and teams in the adoption of Agile development practices. In return, Rally clients will benefit from access to software professionals and complementary training services from renowned Agile experts whose services help companies dramatically reduce the time-to-value of their software investments.

Initial partners in the Rally-Enabled Partner Program include:

Back Bay Technologies, Inc. Based in the Boston area, Back Bay provides IT strategy, solutions development, and systems integration services for capital markets and insurance organizations throughout the United States. "Our large Fortune 500 customers are increasingly investigating - and beginning to invest significant resources in - Agile methodologies. Often, the interest is being driven by the need to extract maximum value and efficiency from their IT operations, help manage large outsourced initiatives, or simply improve their success of achieving expected ROI on risky or complex software projects," said Marc Maselli, Back Bay's president and CEO. "Rally serves as the compass for both development teams and senior management to guide Agile programs that may span co-located or geographically-dispersed teams. Rally is our process tool of choice for this kind of Agile management."

LTech Consulting LLC Based in New Jersey, LTech provides software solutions and systems integration for business, using Agile methods to ensure reliable and cost-effective implementations. The company's software solutions focus on Web application migration, technology strategy and development for the Microsoft .NET platform. "We focus on helping emerging-growth customers migrate from a disparate collection of solutions to an enterprise-class technology platform that is fully scalable to meet the demands of a growing business. To accelerate the progress and ROI of our engagements, we employ Agile development practices that deliver rapid and tangible results. We chose Rally as our exclusive Agile tooling partner because they offer the most mature and robust solution on the market. It's the only solution that manages all aspects of the Agile lifecycle, while providing the visibility our customers need to track the progress and status of their Agile projects," said Ed Laczynski, president at LTech Consulting.

Ralston Consulting Group Based in Salt Lake City, Ralston has "helped teams work together" for 25 years through Leadership Development, Collaborative Team Development and Management Training. The firm is known for its ability to help organizations transition more easily from a traditional project management approach to an Agile-Adaptive model. "Rally's tool assures this transition leads to a team being on time, within budget, and reliably delivers customer satisfaction. This joint approach to training and consulting, and Rally's superb technological solution means that our clients are better able to anticipate and respond to change, meet their organizational goals and objectives, and satisfy the expectations of their customers," said David Spann, senior consultant at Ralston Consulting Group.

MW2 Consulting Based in Sunnyvale, Calif., MW2 Consulting combines the expertise and professionalism of a world-class consulting firm with state-of-the art technology acumen. MW2 delivers SOA consulting services designed to analyze businesses with true clarity, raise performance levels, achieve sustainable growth, and enhance shareholder value. "MW2's core business is systems integration that kick-starts customers toward SOA maturity by applying our SOA BlueprintTM and leveraging existing IT investments. We've adopted Agile development methodologies in order to rapidly deliver SOA proof-of-concept solutions in a short, fully-tested iterative cycle. With the Blueprint as the technology and Agile as the process, MW2 delivers reliable, adaptable, and innovative SOA solutions. Rally is built from the ground-up to manage the entire Agile development lifecycle. MW2 is pleased to offer Rally as part of our growing SOA service offering," said Peter Sharer, technical project manager at MW2 Consulting.

Net Objectives Based in Bellevue, WA, Net Objectives assists software development teams (from the project to the organization level) in increasing their effectiveness through training, coaching and consulting in a variety of Agile methods including Lean, Scrum and Extreme Programming. Net Objectives combines expertise in Agile process, Agile analysis, design patterns and emergent design, with inter-team integration and community of practice methods. By attending to both the technical and people issues, Net Objective gives its clients both a clear direction on how to become Agile and the means with which to do so. The relationship between Rally and Net Objectives will give Agile developers the resources to be trained and coached in process, development techniques and the tools to support them," said Alan Shalloway, CEO and a senior consultant at Net Objectives.

Rally combines the knowledge, coaching and tooling needed by enterprises to dramatically shorten software release cycles, enabling the business to respond faster to changing customer needs. Rally provides the only on-demand subscription Web service for managing all aspects of the Agile development lifecycle. It improves collaboration among large or distributed teams, and gives software organizations unprecedented visibility into project features, quality and status to successfully produce software in rapid, fully-tested iterations. As a hosted Web application, Rally starts fast and scales easily across all geographies and platforms with no IT burdens.

"The Rally-Enabled Partner Program represents the perfect marriage of tools and professional services to help software teams adopt and expand Agile development practices," said Tim Miller, CEO of Rally Software Development. "Our partnerships with world-class IT firms and Agile trainers allow us to help more companies experience the gains in responsiveness and software quality Agile development delivers."

About Rally

Based in Boulder, Colo., Rally Software Development was founded in 2002 with a mission to improve the profit and ROI of software-driven companies through the adoption of a new class of Agile software development management solutions. Rally enhances development productivity and agility with an on-demand, hosted subscription service that provides unmatched coordination and management of the entire Agile software development lifecycle. Rally is backed by Mobius Venture Capital and Boulder Ventures, with a technical advisory board comprised of luminaries in the Agile community and software development industry. For more information about Rally, visit the company's Web site at www.rallydev.com


Press Contact: Anne Greenhaw

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