What Is Rally

Every industry is subject to disruption. Only a truly agile business is equipped to respond.”
– Forrester

As an Agile business, you create opportunities by anticipating market shifts through disciplined exploration. Counter threats by slashing cycle times and delivering value to customers faster. Connect agility throughout your organization to break down functional silos and develop sharp reflexes that yield smart decisions.

Infusing agility into your organization's DNA involves linking three vital areas: execution, portfolio, and business.

Execution Agility

This is the foundation for agility. Improve cycle time — at scale — to significantly impact your bottom line. Combine speed with productivity, quality, and responsiveness to see big performance gains. Scale and coordinate teams and processes to deliver value faster and more predictably.

Accomplish Execution Agility with Rally Unlimited Edition and Rally Program Launch

Portfolio Agility

This is where you create opportunities and link business agility to execution agility. Improving performance frees up resources for growth. Dynamic, adaptive planning accelerates growth, revenue, and profit. Get frequent feedback and adjust funding and scope to invest in your highest business priorities.

Achieve Portfolio Agility with Rally Unlimited Edition and Rally Services

Business Agility

This is where agility becomes your competitive advantage. Organize around customer value to connect the customer to your organization and build a culture of collaboration. Break down functional silos, minimize dependencies, and improve your employee engagement. Use critical feedback to build an innovation pipeline that's high reward, low risk.

Realize Business Agility with Rally Unlimited Edition and Rally Services

Leaders and employees see the ability to change and adapt as the key to long-term success. They do not fear or avoid change; they embrace it because their ability to manage change well is their primary advantage.
– “The Agility Factor,” Booz & Company, 2013
* Forrester Perspective: Measure and Improve Your Business Agility, Forrester, 2014


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