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Agile Business provides insights from over 35 coaches, executives, developers and managers to help you apply or deepen Agile practices in your organization.

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Software is the new primal force. It drives every product, every business. As the world demands more software, organizations are meeting the challenge – by turning to Agile. After all, applications developed using Agile techniques have three times the success rate of applications developed using the traditional waterfall method.¹

Agile Business provides real-world applications of organizational Agile to get you started or deepen your Agile practice. With expert-contributed advice on strategy, process, people and solutions, Agile Business provides insights from over 30 coaches, executives, developers and managers actively using Agile in their organizations.

Get your copy today, and prepare your organization to start realizing the business benefits of Agile: Better products, less waste, more predictability, shorter time-to-market, and happier people.

Agile Business Webcasts:

For more on applying Agile in your organization, take a look at these videos.

Zach Nies: Build the Right Thing

Build the Right Thing

Eric Willike: Build the Thing Right

Build the Thing Right

Jean Tabaka: People, Not Resources

People, Not Resources

Karl Scotland: Agile Steering

Agile Steering

Ronica Roth: Transform Your Organization

Transform Your Organization

¹ The Standish Group, The CHAOS Manifesto: The Laws of CHAOS and the CHAOS 100 Best PM Practices, 2011. The Standish Group defines a successful project as one delivered on time, on budget, and with the required features and functions.


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