Agile EVM

The Agile EVM app is an adaptation of the traditional project management practice of measuring actual value of integrated cost, schedule and scope against a baseline plan using Earned Value Management (EVM) metrics. The methods of measurement have been adapted to easily fit within the scrum project management framework. For more information on Agile EVM, consult these articles: AgileEVM: Measuring Cost Efficiency Across the Product Lifecycle, Tamara Sulaiman, Oct 2007 Estimating and Tracking Agile Projects, Bachir Kane, May 2007 To provide valuable results, your agile team should do the following: The project should have at least one release Developers must consistently populate the Actuals field on all their tasks All stories in the release should have their Plan Estimate field populated during release planning The app assumes the following default values: Blended hourly rate for an employee. Default = $50/hour. Ratio between story points and task hours. Default = 5. Variance for Green, Yellow, and Red indicators. Default = 5. Variance of 5: >95% green, 85% to 94% yellow, 90% green, 80% to 89% yellow,
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