Rally Software continues its leadership in Agile/Lean
The Forrester Wave™: Application Life-Cycle Management, Q4 2012

Forrester rated 9 application lifecycle management providers against 116 criteria.

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Successful products. Great customer experiences. Happier teams.

They’re yours for the taking, with the right partner.

Forrester Research, Inc., researched, analyzed, and scored 9 application lifecycle management (ALM) providers against 116 criteria. All to help you select the right partner for your software-fueled business innovation efforts.

"Rally's leadership rests with its breadth and depth of capabilities for Agile teams, combined with a strong and focused corporate strategy," states the Forrester Wave™: Application Life-Cycle Management, Q4 2012.

Rally's focus on Agile and Lean...has led the company to build top-notch planning capabilities into its tools.— Forrester Research, Inc. The Forrester Wave™:Application Life-Cycle Management, Q4 2012

Forrester Spent Months Evaluating Providers, So You Don't Have To.

"After examining past research, user need assessments, and vendor and expert interviews, we developed a comprehensive set of evaluation criteria," says the report. Forrester gave Rally the highest possible score (5 out of 5) for administration, integration and customization, corporate strategy, commitment, support services, channel partnerships, and global presence.

Firms can no longer accept historical gulfs between business and application development and delivery teams...— Forrester Wave Report

Software Is the Critical Foundation of Every Business

"The contribution that application development and delivery makes to a company’s business goals... must be more direct and successful," said the report. "Software increasingly plays a central role in a firm’s ability to deliver new products and services or exploit new channels."

Without Agile, Value Delivery Can't Keep Pace

"Tools or techniques that impose an assembly line model will fail," said the report. "Application development and delivery still need management, but the tools of management must fit the nature of creative and collaborative work."

As the world demands more software, development teams from startups to enterprise are meeting the challenge by turning to Agile. Without Agile and Lean practices, value delivery can't keep pace. The entire business falls behind on customer commitments, the competition and the company's strategic roadmap.

"Rally continues its leadership in Agile/Lean."

"Rally's tools are optimized for Agile planning, project management, status reporting, and other actions that happen within and outside sprints." said the report.

Rally's platform enables close alignment of development and strategic business objectives, facilitating collaboration, increasing transparency, and automating manual management processes. Companies use Rally to accelerate innovation, improve productivity, and adapt to changing customer needs.

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We treat Agile and Lean as critical tests of an ALM vendor's offering.— Forrester Wave Report
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