Agile Toolkits

Resources to make you successful in an Agile world
Toolkit Resources: 
Scale Agile SAFely with Rally
Rally Guide for Implementing the Scaled Agile Framework®
Calling Project Managers
PMP? Your Toughest Agile Questions Answered
Agile Certified Practitioner: Achieving PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)
The Project Manager's Agile Survival Guide
Agile Portfolio Management Toolkit
Where strategy meets execution
Toolkit Resources: 
Rally Portfolio Manager Demo
Geoffrey Moore: Escape Velocity
Dave West presents Lean PPM, Smashing the Barrier between Planning & Development
Dean Leffingwell presents Agile Portfolio Management in the Scaled Agile Framework®
Learn more about how to work smarter and faster. Build the right things, and build them right.
Toolkit Resources: 
Discover the Benefits of Agile: The Business Case for a New Way to Work
The Project Manager's Agile Survival Guide
Build Your Agile Business: The Sourcebook
Business Agility Survival Guide
Intro To Scrum
CA Agile: The Difference Between Kanban and Scrum
Scale, customize and collaborate with the Rally community
Toolkit Resources: 
Rally App SDK 2.0 Documentation
App Development Starter Kit
Rally Developer Portal
GitHub - Rally Product Apps
GitHub - Rally Community Apps
Scaled Agile Gold Partner
The leading solution for the Scaled Agile Framework®
Toolkit Resources: 
SPCT-Gold Partner
Swisscom Case Study
Lean Startup at Scale for the Enterprise
Toolkit Resources: 
Innovation in an Agile Portfolio: Enterprise Lean Startup
Enterprise Lean Startup Customer Testimonials
Experiment to Learn: Running Lean Product Experiments
Evolving Your Business with The Lean Canvas
Discovering Customer Pain
Problem Validation Interviews
User Stories Toolkit
Define Customer Value

User Stories are designed to keep teams laser-focused on customer needs, and serve as the driving force behind delivering valuable, high quality features, fast. Use the resources in this toolkit to learn the nuts and bolts of writing, sizing, breaking down, prioritizing, tasking and accepting user stories.

Toolkit Resources: 
How To Write a Good Agile User Story
User Stories with Rally
User Stories - Screen Tour
User Stories Guide
Focus Energy on the Most Important Work
Toolkit Resources: 
Portfolio Kanban Guide
IDC Case Study: Getty Images Gains Alignment with Kanban Portfolios
Product Blog Post: Rally's Portfolio Kanban Board
Enter Kanban
Kanban Portfolio Management - Kevin Ryan Presentation
CA Agile: The Difference Between Kanban and Scrum
Deliver Working Software Every 1 to 4 Weeks
Toolkit Resources: 
How to do agile iteration planning
Chalk Talk: Iteration Planning
Iteration Planning with Rally
Iteration Planning - Screen Tour
Iteration Planning Guide
Define Customer Value
Toolkit Resources: 
Definition of Done Webinar
Build Your Agile Business: The Sourcebook
"What is done?" Podcast


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