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Custom Fit Your ALM at the RallyON Hackathon

Posted by Chase Doelling in Agile

Give a developer an app, and she’ll use it for a narrowly defined task. Teach a developer to build an app, and she’ll have the power to solve your toughest business challenges as they arise. In today’s fast-changing technology environment, that adaptability is powerful — and necessary. Hackathons are a great place to build that adaptability into your organization.

Rally’s Next Chapter

Posted by Tim Miller in Agile

I’m excited to share with you a tremendous moment in our company history. Earlier today, our Board of Directors approved a definitive agreement for CA Technologies to acquire Rally. I truly believe that this acquisition, once it closes, will be a great step forward for our company, and that CA is the right partner for Rally.

Sparking Civic Tech at RallyON 2015

Customer Spotlight: Seagate

Occasional stories about Rally customers who are doing cool and interesting things.

Seagate is a big name in storage solutions, with a long list of innovations that have pushed the industry forward over the past 35 years. It’s also a big name at Rally. That’s because Seagate’s Firmware Engineering group has cracked the nut on enterprise scale Agile — a topic we eat, sleep, and breathe here at Rally.

RallyON 2015 Keynote: Dan Pink on "The Cascade Effect"

Posted by Morgan Campbell in Agile

We talk about how change is happening faster than ever, but that doesn’t mean we need to push change via massive, top-to-bottom initiatives. We see it happening in far more dynamic ways, and so does Dan Pink, one of our exciting RallyON!™ 2015 keynote speakers.

Take an Agile Road Trip With Us!

Posted by Morgan Campbell in Agile

Change is happening fast and furious in the business world. With so much pressure to keep up, it can be hard to take your foot off the gas pedal, even for a few days. Occasionally, though, it’s important to pull over and check the map to make sure you’re still on the right road.

If you’ll excuse the extended metaphor, we’d like to humbly offer RallyON!™ 2015 as a rest stop on your way to business agility.

Pop Quiz: How’s Your Agile?

Posted by Rally in Agile

Humans typically crawl before we learn to walk, and walk before we learn to run. But sometimes what we call running is really more like a walk, and sometimes when we’re in a real hurry we’ve been known to skip a step.

Customer Spotlight: MongoDB

Occasional stories about Rally customers who are doing cool and interesting things.

Failure Modes of an Agile Transformation: Workflow

Posted by Jean Tabaka in Agile

In my previous post on the first three Agile transformation failure modes, I focused on the LEADERSHIP aspects of failure: lack of real executive sponsorship, failure to transform leader behaviors, and refusal to change organizational structures.

These next three fail modes are failures in WORKFLOW: effectively making work decisions flow, setting work boundaries, and factoring in the costs associated with work across distributed teams.

Customer Spotlight: QSR International

Sharing stories about Rally customers who are doing cool and interesting things.

QSR International builds industry-leading software for qualitative research. Its flagship product, NVivo, helps policy makers, academics, and market researchers analyze large amounts of unstructured data to better understand human behaviors and motivations.


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