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Swisscom: Disrupting the TV Industry with Agile

Chances are, you or someone you know has “cut the cord” recently — canceled your cable TV subscription service in favor of the alternatives, like a set-top box, rabbit ears, streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, or Internet-delivered media. Here in the United States, one survey found that more than eight percent of cable TV subscribers had cut the cord last year.

Decisions in Progress and 20,000 Reasons You Should Care

At a large big room planning (BRP) event run by one of our customers recently, between 400 and 500 people spent two days planning their next 12 weeks of work. The stakes were high, as the health care product they are racing their competitors to deliver must go live by January 1st.

Run, Don't Walk, to Scale Agile

Posted by Rally in Agile

Rally customers have always been front and center at RallyON conferences — filling the audience and the speaking agenda with their experiences, knowledge, and ideas. But at this year's RallyON 2015 conference, our customers were so engaged they nearly blew up the conference app.

The Rookie vs. the Veteran: How to Take Agile to the Next Level

How does a 120-year-old insurance company get more value out of its agile transformation in 2 years than a high-tech company that’s been practicing agile for 14 years? Well, it has something to do with bad habits that form when organizations don’t scale agile beyond the team level. Or they coordinate work to include the business and program management roles but don’t focus on best practices and continuous improvement to maintain results.

Here are some common traps organizations can fall into around team-level agile:

Failure Modes of an Agile Transformation: Congruency

Posted by Jean Tabaka in Agile

To this point, I’ve covered topics around failure in leadership and failure in workflow. It’s now time to dig a bit deeper into the question, How does your organization “show up?" That is, What’s the overall sense of how people take ownership for their behavior in the transformation? What healthy alignments emerge among the teams?

You Asked, the Agile Aficionados Answered

Getting onboard with Agile methods across your organization is no small task. To do it well requires knowledge, culture change, and practice — lots of practice — at all levels.

Rally is fortunate to have some of the most experienced practitioners in the industry. Their broad experience working onsite with customers and their deep knowledge of Agile practices, organizational culture, and human behavior only excites in them a deeper curiosity and eagerness to learn. As you can imagine, this makes them great advice-givers and storytellers!

What Did You Miss? Real Stories, Insights, and Courage From RallyON Keynotes.

Posted by Christine Hudson in Agile

“Your goal is to get to the top of the mountain and you’re riding your bike, competing to get there first … and you get passed by a motorcycle. You’ve just experienced the type of disruption that many industries are experiencing.” — Angela Tucci, Rally chief revenue officer

Deliver Your Releases Predictably — As Planned and on Time

Posted by Steve Wolfe in Agile

Agile at scale essentially boils down to this: Agile teams working with the business to deliver value to market fast and predictably. Though the principles of Agile development — cadence, collaboration, synchronization, etc. — remain the same, planning and delivery are different at scale.

Escape Excel Hell With Rally’s Capacity Scenario Planning Capability

We are thrilled to announce the availability of Rally’s capacity planning capability — built for the program and portfolio level of enterprise scale Agile. With the new Capacity Planning page in the Rally platform, strategic planners can rapidly translate their business initiatives into realistic and adaptable action plans, without relying on disconnected, manually updated spreadsheets.

Customer Spotlight: Physicians Mutual

There are plenty of people who would tell you that an Agile transformation should be conducted slowly and gradually. Not Physicians Mutual.


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