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Take an Agile Road Trip With Us!

Posted by Morgan Campbell in Agile

Change is happening fast and furious in the business world. With so much pressure to keep up, it can be hard to take your foot off the gas pedal, even for a few days. Occasionally, though, it’s important to pull over and check the map to make sure you’re still on the right road.

If you’ll excuse the extended metaphor, we’d like to humbly offer RallyON!™ 2015 as a rest stop on your way to business agility.

Pop Quiz: How’s Your Agile?

Posted by Rally in Agile

Humans typically crawl before we learn to walk, and walk before we learn to run. But sometimes what we call running is really more like a walk, and sometimes when we’re in a real hurry we’ve been known to skip a step.

Customer Spotlight: MongoDB

Occasional stories about Rally customers who are doing cool and interesting things.

Failure Modes of an Agile Transformation: Workflow

Posted by Jean Tabaka in Agile

In my previous post on the first three Agile transformation failure modes, I focused on the LEADERSHIP aspects of failure: lack of real executive sponsorship, failure to transform leader behaviors, and refusal to change organizational structures.

These next three fail modes are failures in WORKFLOW: effectively making work decisions flow, setting work boundaries, and factoring in the costs associated with work across distributed teams.

Customer Spotlight: QSR International

Sharing stories about Rally customers who are doing cool and interesting things.

QSR International builds industry-leading software for qualitative research. Its flagship product, NVivo, helps policy makers, academics, and market researchers analyze large amounts of unstructured data to better understand human behaviors and motivations.

An Experience That Sticks

Posted by Morgan Campbell in Agile

Aha moments. Diverse conversations and insights. Engaging workshops. Extraordinary stories. And most important, action items to take back to your day job.

When people experience something truly unique at an event, it sticks with them.

Customer Spotlight: Aternity

Occasionally, we like to share the stories of Rally customers who are doing cool and interesting things.

Aternity is one of those customers — an expert-level Agile shop that has mastered the art and science of keeping iterations and releases on track.

Opening the Door to a Future in Tech

“If a low-income student becomes engaged in programming, it’s like winning a lottery ticket! She would not otherwise even know that this field existed. They don’t have these examples within their communities.” — Becky Kivlovitz, “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County

12 Failure Modes of an Agile Transformation

Posted by Jean Tabaka in Agile

The year? 2015. The setting? An Agile transformation near you. The problem? You’ve hit a wall. Despite all your best intentions, you’re still not getting those promised benefits of Agile: speed, quality, value, sustainable growth across your organization. And your problems don’t stop there. You aren’t responding to market threats; you can’t even see market threats; you’re unable to retain great employees; you’re not an industry showcase. In the end, your Agile transformation has brought cynicism and distrust.

No Matter What Your Strategy, You’d Better Deliver Fast!

Posted by Catherine Connor in Agile

Last month, Forrester released a wave of portfolio management industry reports. In the Portfolio Management for Tech Management wave, Rally was named among the ten most significant portfolio management software providers, and was the only Agile vendor featured in the report. The inclusion of a pure Agile vendor reflects the growing importance of executing portfolio plans faster to hit critical market windows.


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