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3 Simple Productivity Metrics for Agile or Waterfall

I want a number, a metric, that tells me how productive our teams are”

challenged my former Head of IT, some years ago. Certainly, it’s a reasonable request to ask how productive a team (or a whole system) is.  

But first let’s look at the why behind the question. Why do we measure productivity?  Because we should? Because we can? For transparency? Accountability? To drive behaviors and influence culture? Should we measure it at all?

How Agile Experts Do Agile at Scale

Posted by Rally in Agile

It used to be that software was something you had in your business: you used it to manage work and control your hardware, or you sold it to customers to generate revenue. But in today’s digital world, software is your business.

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B organization, it’s likely that software underpins your business operating system—driving your sales, your brand, your manufacturing, your supply chain, your communications, your infrastructure, your relationship with your customers … probably even your thermostat and coffeemaker.

Enterprise Tipping and the Rules of Three

Posted by Jim Tremlett in Agile

Enterprise tipping is NOT the corporate version of cow tipping, although it is fun to play with the analogy. ;)

Consider rewriting the following description of cow tipping (Wikipedia) replacing “cattle” and “cows” with “business units.”

Start With Just Two Things

Posted by David Borgeest in Agile

When it comes to agile, what’s the least you can do? If you're serious about improving what you deliver but your efforts are frustrated by apathy—or even hostility—when presented with change, how much change should you present? Do you have to change everything?  

We're Ready for SAFe 4.0. Are You?

Posted by Catherine Connor in Agile

If you’ve looked at the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) before and determined it wasn’t adequate for your large-scale development, look again.

The fourth version of the Scaled Agile Framework just hit the streets and includes major enhancements that support large-scale software and systems. For highlights, check out our blog, “10 Things You Need to Know About SAFe 4.0."

10 Things You Need to Know About SAFe 4.0

Posted by Martin Burns in Agile

Today, Scaled Agile Inc. — the Dean Leffingwell organisation that owns the Scaled Agile Framework®, or SAFe® — announced SAFe version 4.0. Here are the 10 key things you need to know about it.

Tis the Season for Annual Planning: Make It Jollier This Year

Posted by Catherine Connor in Agile

The end of the year isn’t that far away. Getting into a holiday spirit may be on some minds, but annual planning and budgeting is more likely to be on the minds of business and development leaders.

12 Failure Modes in Agile Transformation: Transition

Posted by Jean Tabaka in Agile

Up to this point in this series on the 12 failure modes in agile transformation, I’ve covered topics around failure in leadership, failure in workflow and failure in congruency.

How Scrum Created the Greatest Team in the World

Posted by Suzanne Nottage in Agile

The Scrum approach to delivery has produced the greatest team in the world. And the elements behind the team’s success are repeatable, meaning your team could be next in becoming the greatest team in the world. (That sure has a nice ring to it.)

Get in the Zone at CA World 2015

Posted by Rally in Agile

Conferences can be challenging ROI activities to measure. We disrupt our daily routine of meetings, emails and conference calls to trek through airports, sit in air-conditioned ballrooms, and chat with strangers. Will it be worth it? How will we know?


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