Last week my fellow blogger Jean Tabaka spoke at the Bay APLN about one of her more controversial topics – the 12 fail-owned-sign-fail22Agile Adoption Failure Modes. Check out this great post from Aaron Sanders that distills her presentation.

My personal favorite is #11 – Revert to Traditional 

Aaron says about #11, “Change is hard. Hit the threshold where this sucks. Revert back to old ways of doing business.”

In this statement, Jean is referring to Kathy Sierra’s work on “How to be an Expert” and what Kathy calls the “Suck Threshold.” Jean has seen first-hand that many teams can slip into complacency and ultimately fall back below the “Suck Threshold.” At that point, they may give up and revert back to traditional process. Classically we see this happen right around 1 1/2 years because too many of the other adoption failure modes pulled the team or teams down.

But there is good news…

I highly recommend reading Aaron’s post to determine what failure mode might be working against you. Once you can name them, you can take the necessary steps to address them.

Special thanks goes to Aaron, who is joining Rally as a coach in July – we are all looking forward to seeing him at our quarterly coaches off-site. And also thanks to César Idrovo and David Chilcott from BayAPLN for their help with the talk and our visit to the Bay!

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