Craig Langenfeld, Rally international technical account manager, traveled from Australia to India to attend the inaugural Agile India event. He shares his experience.

Agile India!

Craig at Agile India

Rally has enjoyed partnering with many Indian teams throughout the years, so I was thrilled to be a part of the first Agile India conference.  After spending time with my Indian counterparts, it’s clear that Agile is critical to changing the way software teams work together in India.  It was impressive to see that this inaugural conference was sold out with over 700 attendees from 21 countries present.  It is no wonder that India is one of the great software engineering nations of the world.

Challenging the Status Quo in Healthcare and Aerospace

I was excited to see a full house attend my presentation, Practicing Agile in Regulated Environments, on the Enterprise Agile stage on the last day of the conference.  The topic was one that surfaced several times throughout the conference, so I was thrilled to share my knowledge and provide a platform for a community discussion of practices.  The highlight of the presentation was a cameo appearance from Matt Anderson, Director of Program Management at Cerner Healthcare, who shared his experience with Agile and the FDA.  The audience contributed throughout the session, proving to me that the Indian Agile community is challenging status quo by implementing Agile in complex environments like Healthcare and Aerospace.        

Venturing Outside the Conference and into the Community

It was important to me to not just show up and solely represent Rally at the conference, but to also understand the Indian culture and see what we can do to impact the Agile community internationally.  My interest brought me in contact with two organizations:


  • National Association for the Blind (NAB)  
    NAB offers programs that range from teaching the blind life skills that allow them to live independently, to teaching advanced computer courses and placing individuals at companies like Cisco and Intel.  All of their services are completely free to the people they serve.  Learn more and donate here.
  • Freeset
    This fair trade business offers employment and empowerment to women. John Sinclair told the Freeset story during a very emotional keynote presentation that received a standing ovation.  Rally was honored to partner with Freeset in order to provide the conference bags to attendees.

Freeset Bag

    I was lucky enough to get to work with software teams who are building better practices around the globe.  Speaking of which, India was a stop on my recent quest to circumvent the world in less than a month. I don’t think it was a record, but it sure was fun!

    Craig Lagenfeld is a Technical Account Manager at Rally Software Development.

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