2008 was a very good year for Rally, the Agile development movement and me personally.

At Rally, we measured ourselves by winning the third consecutive Jolt Product Excellence Award and delivering 6 product releases to a fast-growing list of great software-driven companies.

We leveraged our Agile and customer community and new products to deliver feature priorities based on our customer’s feedback and votes.

With the help of QSMA, we benchmarked that Rally customers are 50% faster to market and 25% more productive than industry averages.

On the local front we were named one of the best companies to work for in Colorado as well as awarded the Affiliate of the Year by the Entrepreneur Foundation – these are awards we strive for and help us validate we are building the type of company that can endure.

You can see the customer and financial growth that resulted from these market achievements in an announcement we issued this morning, or you can go to the Rally by the Numbers page on our web site to see the transparency we use to communicate our progress.

On the Agile industry front, the Agile Alliance had a blow-out conference in Toronto in 2008.  It was the culmination of my two years on that board and a very fulfilling experience.

We also saw this market grow with new customers and a host of incumbent as well as new competitors.

The Agile tools and applications market became real and Gartner put out a market map as a prelude to a magic quadrant; good news Rally was ranked in the “Positive” category.

What key performance indicators (KPIs) do you use in your business, and how will you improve or adapt them in 2009?

At Rally, we’ll be busy doubling our efforts to make our customers successful with Agile and effective on both prongs of short-term efficiencies and long-term growth.

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