In the end of October, I did a short, 30 minute, webinar with the Ian McGuinness and Jeffrey Kaplan at the Mass Technology Leadership Council.  The topic was focused on the positive relationship between Agile and SaaS.  This talk spoke to software executives and provides an overview of agile and why it is a glove fit with SaaS business model.  I was joined on this call by one of our customer, Rick Simmons, Director of Agile Practices and Web Services, from Constant Contact. And, Rick’s color commentary was a huge addition to the webinar.  Thanks Rick!

If you are a SaaS provider or considering the move to SaaS, you should enjoy the talk, Rick’s comments and the questions from the folks in the Mass Technology Council that were on the call.  The recorded webinar for this call is available for viewing pleasure.

My theory is that the software industry’s move to SaaS and Agile are speeding up the value chain so fast that it is becoming a value cycle.  As a result of that value cycle, we are seeing an increasing need to become much better at managing customer uptake and successful application of new features.  If we do this well, a rapid ROI engine gets created for our customers and good things happen everywhere.  I see this value cycle as a great closed-loop model that is typical of the sustainable models that will become part of all industries as the 21 Century moves along.  My hope is that we leverage this model and become one of the first sustainable industries in the world.  If you want to read about what we are doing to make Rally sustainable, please visit these sites.

If you are more interested in the value cycle concept, I turned much of this content into an article for the Sterling Report; that article is available on the Sterling Report in this month’s issue.

If you are a software executive, I would encourage you to subscribe to their monthly publication of thoughtful and provocative articles.  If you want a complete white paper on the topic, you can download it from the Rally Download section.

If you have any comments on this article, I would love to see your comments below or on one of two forums mentioned above.

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