The Collegiate Social Impact Initiatives (CSII) club blows me away with their passion. Completely volunteer, the small but mighty group of CU students here in Boulder has set out to support non-profits worldwide. How do I know this? The heart that keeps the club pumping is Kaesi Solomon. And Kaesi found me at Rally  through my boss Ryan Martens to see how I could help him help the club.

Some of the CSII students in our first Kanban session

My answer? Kanban. And specifically personal Kanban as described by Jim Benson. On March 13th, we’re inviting students from all all over CU to join us at the Leeds School of Business. In the 2-hour session, we’ll run some simulations and work through personal work to learn about how to be more effective and create transparency of our workflows. Want to manage your multi-tasking, or worse CPA (continuous partial attention?) Kanban can help you.

Besides learning about basic ways to manage the many tugs on our time, attendees will receive access to the Agilezen software. This visualization tool helps individuals, project teams, and clubs  stay informed of each other’s work and progress. It also helps each of us limit our work in progress, to complete work in rank order versus trying to do all things at once.

Check out the club video abou the event here.

And, you can sign up for the event via Facebook here.

See you Tuesday? I hope so!

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