Quick poll: What’s the most epic <wink> attraction in Nashville next week?

(a) The Country Music Hall of Fame?
(b) The Grand Ole Opry?
(c) Rally’s Agile 2013 speaking sessions?

Well, Nashville’s a pretty cool town, so we’re not going to compete with Music City USA’s legendary institutions.

But we do expect to do battle with the ubiquitous music junkies -- full beards, jaunty hats, mandolins, and all -- with our super-star roster of Agile evangelists and evangelistas.

Come listen to Rally speakers throughout the event, and check out our flurry of tweets by following us on Twitter. Can’t get enough of The Twitter? You can subscribe to all Rally tweeters at Agile 2013 here.

Our sessions at Agile 2013 include:

Monday, August 5th

Think Outside the Timebox - Transitioning from Time boxes to Continuous Product Delivery - Steve Stolt & Stephen Younge

Designing Empathy--Learning to Walk in Your Customers' Shoes - Jean Tabaka & Robyn Mourning

Tuesday, August 6th

Pull vs Push: Keys to Agile Program Management Office Success - Bruce Winegarden

Continuous delivery? Easy! Just change everything. (Well, maybe it isn’t that easy) - Steve Neely & Steve Stolt

Building the Right Thing - Stephen Younge

Quantify the Impact of Agile Practices - Larry Maccherone

Wednesday, August 7th

Enterprise Agility - A Practical De-Mystification - Jean Tabaka & Hendrik Esser (Ericsson)

Thursday, August 8th

Seven Deadly Sins of Agile Measurement - Larry Maccherone

Rally is also hosting a Bluegrass party on Tuesday night at the Water’s Edge in the Gaylord Opryland Resort, featuring the local favorites Humming House. Will be finger-pickin’ good, and space is limited. Sign up to join the party!

By the way, if you chose (c) in the poll above - stop by the booth for a surprise gift!

See you there!



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