This month I attended the Planview Horizons user conference to present our integrated solution.

Planview and Rally have engaged in a strategic partnership that unites our synergistic visions (Planview's portfolio optimization and Rally's agile execution) to address current market needs for business agility and innovation.

This may surprise you, but Planview and Rally are quite similar companies. First and foremost, we share a passion for solving customer needs. In addition:

  • We both are focused on our respective market (portfolio management for Planview, Agile ALM for Rally.) Rally has brought Agile development to more than 200,000 users at 600 organizations. Planview has been dedicated to the PPM market for over 23 years.
  • Rally and Planview both have a real platform, a key enabler for robust integrations
  • Rally and Planview both have corporate social responsibility initiatives
  • We both have a RPM acronym (Rally Portfolio Manager (RPM) and Planview Rapid Portfolio Management)

So you may ask: Why would Rally customers be interested in Planview, and why would Planview customers be interested in Rally? Let’s take a look.

Planview Value to Rally Customers

Many Rally customers who are scaling Agile to the Program level, starting Agile release trains, and seeing the business benefits of Agile at scale work in organizations that require strong financial reporting on their Agile investments.

Some Rally customers also work in organizations with mixed methodologies: Agile in some parts of their business, and traditional project management in others. Portfolio managers in these organizations need a holistic view of all work, regardless of methodology, both from a status perspective and a cost perspective. Capacity planning (independent of project execution methodology) and resource management (for traditional projects) tend to be key needs in these organizations and Planview more than delivers on these needs.

The Planview/Rally integration provides immediate value to Rally customers in two key ways:

  • Ongoing visibility into the status of Agile work in Planview project dashboards, where status is rolled up from actual Agile work (via Rally Portfolio Manager) instead of interpreted by a project manager
  • Inclusion of the cost of Agile projects in Planview financial dashboards, through mirroring developers hours tracked in Rally Time Tracker onto Planview corporate timesheets

Rally Value to Planview Customers

Planview customers show a strong trend of wanting to adopt Agile, but they also show a pattern of failed adoptions in the past. Failures are often attributed to “toying with Agile” without a strong commitment to changed mindset. One customer compared Agile to a diet, in that people expect results without putting forth the effort.

At Planview Horizons, one of the customer keynotes told the story of a successful Agile adoption in an IT PMO with 200+ developers over a three-month period. They talked about what it took to adopt Agile (after two failed attempts) and attributed their success to their partnership with Rally -- and specifically Rally’s Transformation Consulting model, which assesses you readiness, co-creates a plan for change, and mentors your leadership through the Agile adoption process.

You can read more about the value of the Rally/Planview strategic partnership in our Solution Brief.

What about Rally Portfolio Manager in all this?

In this previous post I discussed how RPM can complement PPM tools. Let’s remove the confusion once and for all around Rally and Planview both having a portfolio solution:

Next Steps

I’ll keep sharing my learnings about where portfolio management and Agile meet. If you have questions or comments about this topic, reach out to me at or find me on the Boulder trails on the weekends, where lately I have been running into customers! To learn more about our partnership and our integration, watch the video.

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