Is your business breathing down your neck? Are you being told that you "aren't releasing new software fast enough" and that your "development teams need to deliver more value"?

Markets move fast. Disruption is everywhere. Innovation and customer satisfaction matter more than ever, and the pressure is on to deliver value faster. It's not enough simply to be proficient with Agile development; to deliver more value faster, you need to coordinate work across multiple teams and align that work to the business' top priorities.

Agile Program Management: The Sweet Spot

Rally calls this Agile Program Management, and it's the sweet spot for achieving better-performing teams and better business results.

What does this sweet spot look like? Here's a glimpse:

  • You have a high-performing program "teams of teams" that consistently delivers the right features on-time.
  • You have a business culture that values collaboration, fast feedback, and rapid decision-making.
  • You have a high degree of employee satisfaction.
  • You can respond to market threats and opportunities with confidence and resiliency.
  • Your business agility puts you ahead of, rather than behind, the curve.

Get There Faster

Have you tried tooling software for the program level and found it ineffective because you didn’t change your development teams’ behavior or culture? Have you brought in ad-hoc coaching services only to discover that they don’t provide technical support or help your leadership team get visibility into the work being done? Have you weighed the cost of investing in an approach that gets it right against the cost of failure if you get it wrong?

Through our experience partnering with organizations of all sizes and maturity levels, Rally has established a proven approach for accelerating software value delivery. Our solution combines the right software with expert services to help you scale your Agile execution and deliver program-level value.

Rally Program Launch: Fast, Predictable Results

The Rally Program Launch solution provides the software, coaching, and training services you need to launch scaled Agile programs -- and deliver the right products and features to market, with speed and predictability. With Rally Program Launch we’ve helped customers see 2-4x faster time-to-market and millions in new revenue, with results in as little as three months.

Rally Program Launch uses a phased, Ready-Sync-Go approach to help you scale Agile practices and transform your development organization for responsive and sustained value delivery.

Through each phase, Rally provides all the consulting, coaching, technical, and training services you need to develop critical program-level leadership, gain organizational support, and establish the processes needed to plan and coordinate work across teams aligned to your portfolio priorities.  


  • Build cross-functional Agile program leadership and launch a “team of teams” to deliver business value in alignment with business priorities
  • Empower your teams with Rally Portfolio Manager, purpose-built software that connects strategic priorities to development execution
  • Help teams create a program backlog aligned with business vision and objectives


  • Develop a realistic roadmap and release plan that maximize value delivery to customers
  • Level-set Agile development teams and help them collaborate across teams and timezones
  • Give teams experience with operating in a synchronized cadence of iterations


  • Launch your program with full delivery team participation at a facilitated Agile program planning session
  • Support the program through its first program increment, ensuring delivery of working software
  • Following the first program increment, coach the “inspect and adapt” planning sessions

Digital Globe’s 300-person program planning event

Get It Right

“Leaders and employees see the ability to change and adapt as the key to long-term success. They do not fear or avoid change; they embrace it because their ability to manage change well is their primary advantage.

“Perceiving the value of constant change is only the first step. Translating that perception into productive action requires know-how, processes, infrastructure, and resources. Leaders must commit the organization to a new course of action, mobilize resources, and implement changes.”

- “The Agility Factor,” Booz & Company

Rally can help you change into an organization that delivers more value, faster. We’ll help you get started, get there fast, and get it right. This is what we do so well -- you might say it's our sweet spot.

Want to learn more? Join Rally's Kathryn Kuhn, Transformation Consultant, and Steve Wolfe, Solutions Manager, for a webinar: How is Agile Working for You? They'll discuss common failures and highlight real-world Agile success stories from Rally customers to show you what high-performance Agile looks like. 

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