Since Rally launched Rally Portfolio Manager in Dec 2011, I have worked with many PMOs, program managers and portfolio managers who ask: How can I adopt Rally’s portfolio management solution when I already have a PPM tool?

The answer: Use a Rally--PPM tool integration.  But what does this look like, and what does it provide?

Integrations ensure your PPM dashboards keep their value.

As Gartner stated at their PPM and IT Governance Summit last year, there is not a “ one size fits all” solution in the portfolio management world right now. That world is experiencing a major disruption and until it settles, which likely will take years, PPM providers have to play well with one another for the sake of providing you with comprehensive solutions that provide real value.

Here is one example. Agile continues to grow as a standard for project management. So portfolio dashboards must include Agile projects as well as traditional waterfall projects or risk losing their value. An integration with Rally would make sense here.

Which PPM vendors have partnered with Rally?

In 2011, several PPM vendors (Daptiv, Planisware, Oracle) partnered with Rally to offer an integration to Rally’s Agile solution. With the launch of Rally Portfolio Manager in late 2011, more integration possibilities arose. In 2012 Innotas created a bidirectional integration, Pervasive Software (now Actian Corporation) wrote the CA Clarity integration, and Rally’s own services group built an integration to HP PPM. The latest PPM integration was co-designed with Planview for several joint customers.

The benefits of integration are extensive.

The integration with Planview Enterprise is currently the most extensive bidirectional third-party integration to date between Rally and a PPM solution. Planview leveraged several new aspects of our free API to provide these key benefits:

  1. Synchronization. The Planview integration automatically creates a matching Program/Initiative in Rally Portfolio Manager when you create portfolio initiatives or programs in Planview
  2. Delivery of Valuable Increments. Focus on delivering valuable increments for the Program/Initiative (instead of focusing on being ‘on time and on budget’) by creating Features below the Program/Initiative in Rally Portfolio Manager
  3. Real-time Status. As Agile teams work on implementing the Program/Initiative, portfolio managers & PMOs automatically view the progress of those Programs/Initiatives in the Planview portfolio dashboards, including the percent of work done based on actual Agile execution facts. Red-green-yellow status indicators are based on actual Agile execution,  actual start and end dates... you get the idea :).
  4. More accurate cost data. If your organization is required to track software capitalization using a PPM tool, the integration synchronizes Rally’s timesheets with Planview’s timesheets so that everyone can stay productive in their own tool and avoid context-switching. The result? Your cost data is more accurate than when developers enter their time weekly or bi-weekly in a separate PPM tool.

PPM tools and Rally Portfolio Manager

If your organization currently uses mixed development methodologies (Agile, waterfall, iterative), then PPM / Rally integrations provide a way to adopt Agile at your pace while retaining your current portfolio dashboards. Now you can include your Agile programs in those dashboards.

See the integrations in action

Customers will present their use of the Planview and CA Clarity integrations at our RallyON user conference in June. If you are attending Gartner PPM shows late this month in the US or early next month in the UK, come on by our booth to see live demos!


Thanks Catherine for the detail architecture given by you.This has given me the complete overview of benefits of PPM tool integration.Also the four detail point description of the benefits has cleared the view of Rally Portfolio Manager.
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