Today a dream I have had for over ten years is becoming a reality.

Rally is launching our social mission and foundation, Rally For Impact. The purpose of Rally For Impact is to mobilize citizen engineers to solve the world’s toughest problems. Rally For Impact strives to connect engineers with social entrepreneurs to increase the speed and success of social innovations.

Business is the largest force for good that we can marshall.

Rally For Impact is a social impact organization inside of a traditional for-profit business, Rally Software.  Our goal is to accelerate the growth and adoption of citizen engineering activities in communities around the world by leveraging Rally’s expertise, products, services, partners, customers and foundation grants.

The way we can do this is threefold:

1. First, through our survey we want to understand the intention of citizen engineers and learn how they work so that we can empower more of them.

2. Next, we want to provide the tools and Agile techniques to help these engineers solve the toughest global problems.

3. Finally, we want to raise awareness to connect these citizen engineers with a network of social entrepreneurs who can help.

Why not use the power of innovation and business agility to amplify social entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship to solve the toughest problems facing our planet today?


Tricia-Compas Markman of DayOne Response

What is a Citizen Engineer?
The citizen engineers we are profiling on the Rally for Impact site demonstrate this impact as they change the world. They include people who have stepped up to create an innovative device to diagnose anemia, have invented a new way to distribute water in a disaster zone, and who have led efforts to affect real policy change by building bridges between the private and the public sector.

We will continue to find and tell these stories so that more people are inspired to have an impact to solve the problems that matter.

The launch of Rally For Impact was possible only through the incredible support of Rally’s employees, customers, investors, partners, and the amazing communities we have built here in Boulder and around the world. My deep appreciation to everyone who has helped us achieve this important milestone today.

Following a path of social entrepreneurship and citizen engineering is what drives me everyday. Please join me in empowering engineers to have a HUGE impact on our planet.

To learn more, visit the site, read the press release and check out the Fast Company article.

Ryan Martens is CTO/Founder of Rally Software, a Mentor at the Unreasonable Institute and chief promoter of the Entrepreneurs’ Foundation of Colorado. You can follow him on Twitter @RallyOn.


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