I have linked to Israel’s work before and I have seen him talk about the social contract that he made at BMC in 2006.

However this new post and the attached slide share decks give the seldom-heard whole story. Israel has also provided a new introduction with a solid historical as well as current context; this makes the social contract concept even easier to apply in today’s turbulent times.

This post hits the heart and mind of leaders of Agile teams.  I have responsibility for our product development and operations teams at Rally.  This post caused me to find ways to double my efforts to lead our team from “within” as we are expanding with a new office/team as well as continuing down the flow-pull-innovate road of agile expertise.

Check out some of Israel’s other great work by visiting his blog, The Agile Executive


Side note: Many people love to give folks that live in Boulder, Colorado a ribbing about spiritual “woo-woo” focus (home of natural food including soy and herbal tea, Naropa Insitute and plenty of hippies).

I think many skeptics like to give that same line to folks who talk about the “people” side of effective Agile enterprise adoption.

Israel’s post is all about managing and leading the team – without this kind of leadership you will be destine to always remain an Agile amateur. Think big about your Agile adoption, but also think big about your personal journey to this level of team leadership.  Everyone wins on this journey and this posts keeps you on the rails, especially in these times.

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