We’ve been blogging on many Agile topics over the last few months - initial Agile adoption, culture shifts, organizational change, product ownership and project management, among others. These topics, for us, often conjure up images of the people who read our blog.  Some readers might be in a more traditional camp of software development and a bit skeptical of Agile. Others may be “biting at the bit,” as it were, to adopt Agile or to keep their Agile practices ever-maturing.

Enter our new Agile Blog buddies, Walter Fall and Sarah Scrum. We bet you know someone like these two readers.

Who is Walter Fall?

Walter Fall - Agile Blog buddy #1Walter is well-meaning but may be just a bit stuck in an old school way of doing things (The guy still carries a comb just for his mustache for goodness sake!).  He holds fast to the practices he has accumulated over the years and is happy with where his career has taken him. Walter has been with his company for 20 proud years and now runs a division of ~120 people, all organized in functional teams. Walter’s VP, a golf buddy, recently brought in a full-time consultant named Sarah Scrum to coach him and his group on adopting Agile practices.  Walter is unamused, but he’s willing to listen, if only to prove her wrong.

    Who is Sarah Scrum?

    Sarah Scrum - Agile Blog Buddy #2Sarah is passionate about Agile. She seeks continuous improvement, almost annoyingly so. She loves a challenge and has found Agile to be a valuable resource for tackling technical and organizational challenges.  Sarah has worked with Agile teams for the last 7 years leading them through maturing and scaling their Agile adoptions. Her goal with any team is to teach them to fish as fast as possible. And at times, she may be just a bit impatient and come across as not based in the real world.  She has just been hired to be an embedded coach for Walter Fall. Given what she has heard about Walter, this should be an interesting time!

      Now that you’ve met Walter and Sarah – Who do they remind you of?

      Your Boss? Someone at your last job? You at your current job? Certainly, this is not about good versus evil. Both Walter and Sarah can learn from one another in terms of best practices and adoption paths; the realities of large scale adoption; the pain of moving from one’s comfort zone; and, the thrill of enabling teams to continually find pride in their work. And you can bet they will challenge one another.

      Look for Walter and Sarah to pop up from time to time on our blog with their perspectives. We hope their interactions prove to be both fun and informative as you follow the progression of their Agile story.

      About the Author: Jean Tabaka is a wine enthusiast, an Author and Agile Fellow at Rally Software Development. Subscribe today to get free updates by email or RSS.

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