Happy Birthday RPM!

One year ago, with great fanfare, we launched Rally Portfolio Manager (RPM), Rally’s Agile Portfolio Management solution, aiming to bring Agile principles to the strategic level. To celebrate this important milestone, we want to share with you what we’ve learned from our early adopters.

Over the past year, many of Rally Portfolio Manager’s customers actively collaborated with us, providing candid feedback, and validating new functionality to help guide ongoing development.

Why Our Customers Love RPM
One of our most important goals over this past year was to focus on the needs of Program Managers, Product Managers, and PMOs to help them track development work (Tracking), to begin to decrease the amount of work in progress (Kanban) which maximizes the value stream flow. We found that working on fewer high value initiatives is a challenge plaguing most organizations yet it is key to maximizing the outcome of capacity planning.

Rally Portfolio Manager features

Guided by customer feedback, the RPM features that unfolded over the past year include:

Portfolio Hierarchy - users needed a way to visualize how strategic items connect to user stories. We delivered the Portfolio Hierarchy view in response to that strong feedback:

Rally Portfolio Manager Portfolio Hierarchy

Portfolio Timeline - customer interviews led us to improve the Portfolio Timeline view in a way that effectively communicates roadmap plans outside of development:

Rally Portfolio Manager Portfolio Timeline

Portfolio Kanban proved to be one of the most powerful features because it provides a clear view of what is in flight. Have you noticed the recent enhancement to filter this view?

Rally Portfolio Manager Portfolio Kanban

RPM is specifically designed for an Agile portfolio management process. Our Agile Portfolio Management Leadership Webinar Series provides best practice guidance on this process. Thought leader including Margo Visitacion, Jochen Krebs, Alan Shalloway, Johanna Rothman and Steve Johnson, shared their experience and best practices. If you missed this popular series, look for the webinar replays in the Rally’s Agile Portfolio Management Toolkit.

Celebrate With Us
The one-year anniversary of Rally Portfolio Manager begins with an open house and tour of Rally’s newest Seattle-area engineering center where you can meet the team dedicated exclusively to accelerating Rally’s PPM solutions.

We have only just begun! We look forward to working closely with customers in 2013 to further our mission of addressing today's most pressing portfolio management challenges. Speaking of customers, check out the brief videos below to hear why our customers love RPM!

We wish you a joyful holiday season!

Chris Haley - VP of Product Development at the CBORD Group
Matt Weir - Enterprise Agile Development Consultant and Coach at Level 3
J.B. Lockwood, Product Development Manager at the CBORD Group

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