In conjunction with the Lean Software & Systems conference this week, Rally is releasing a powerful Enterprise Kanban Board that provides a simple way to visualize the status and flow of work through a software project.

The addition of full, enterprise Kanban support to Rally’s Agile ALM platform provides users with an elegant visualization of work across projects, teams and the entire organization. It can be customized for each project, allowing users to choose which Kanban states are displayed and which states are mapped to Rally’s core schedule states. This allows teams to model their unique processes within Rally and view rollup reports between teams — providing complete visibility into the quality, status and progress of projects.

The Enterprise Kanban Board allows users to:

  • drag-and-drop ranking and state changes
  • block and unblock stories
  • visually flag each story with user-defined states
  • customize WIP (Work-in-Progress) limits with color-coded status indicators
  • display stories and/or defects
  • edit ready-to-pull or blocked items

Cycle/Lead Time and Throughput reports provide valuable metrics around how many work items are completed in a given time period or the average time that it takes a work item to pass from one state to another. The new Enterprise Kanban Board can be installed by clicking the + icon on the Rally menu and then choosing the Kanban Board from the App Catalog. And, if you have been using our current Kanban App, here are instructions on how to convert those stories to the new Kanban board.

In this video, I’ll demo the full enterprise Kanban support Rally is now offering within Rally Enterprise and Rally Unlimited Editions.

Todd Olson is the VP of Products at Rally Software. He is a marathon runner and cake baker. You can find Todd on Twitter at @tolson.

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