I am excited to say that this week we announced, at the Gartner AADI Summit and Agile Development Practices East, the availability of a new service offering and product from Rally. To support this launch and amplify the feedback loops from the community, we are starting a blog series on this topic. All of the blog posts in this series will show up in the blog, but also get linked into a summary page focused on Scaling Agile to the Strategic level (above release level, including roadmap and vision level for products, programs and solutions).

scaling Agile to the strategic level

If managing Agile at the strategic level is something you are expert at or struggling with, you will want to follow this series. It is going to be written by a team of folks from Rally including myself, Jean, two internal Coaches at Rally, eighteen external Coaches at Rally and product experts.

In the last year, we have read a ton on strategic execution and lean, blogged on many of those ideas, experimented with talks and exercises and worked with a number of our customers. In addition, we ran our fellow Rallyers through many of these concepts. As a result of this work and the rapid development of our supporting product, code-named “Project Stratus,” we feel that we are ready to offer some value in the form of professional, product and community services to educate, enable and explore these concepts, methods and tools with our customers.

From sharing our experiences, we have learned that managing above the release level, at the roadmap and vision level, is different than project or program-level management. It is NOT:

  • as focused on the big epic feature as the desired outcome
  • an extension of the integrated agile release train as much as management of flow and contention

These offerings are brand new; we know they will change with more feedback and experience; as a result, they are being released now with less packaging and polish. The service offering starts with a two-day assessment and training effort, but then moves into a custom statement of work. The Project Stratus product offering will remain in preview status for the short term. We assume that focused work with 15 to 20 key customers will shape these solutions for all.

If you think you could be one of those customers, please do not hesitate to contact your account managers, coaches or customer success representatives. We are anxious to share these breakthrough concepts with customers who are willing to co-develop them with us.

With regard to the blog series, we see the following topics getting explored over the next three months:

Rally Software Project Stratus

  • Introduction
  • Our Theories and Why Project Stratus?
  • Our Agile Strategic Planning Service offering
  • The making of Project Stratus
  • Prediction in Kanban versus Scrum commitment
  • Enterprise Kanban and AgileZen
  • Others, based on your comments and feedback

If you have topic ideas or comments, please post below. Again, don’t forget to subscribe or share the RSS feed or email feed for the blog to be part of this discussion. We want YOU to participate in this Community of Thinkers!

Ryan Martens is an Epic Pass holder for 2010, school board member at Friend School Boulder, and CTO at Rally Software Development.

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