Join us this week at the Museum of London on 11 October to cultivate an exclusive community of Agile and Rally enthusiasts at RallyON Europe 2012. We will explore innovative ways to transform and steer an organisation, we’ll learn from each other, and we’ll have a little fun while we’re at it!

Below is an overview of the speaking sessions. Check out each track – Build It, Steer it and Go – and pick your favorites!

Build It

Writing Effective User Stories – Ryan Martens & Tamara Nation
Writing effective user stories is a core competency of Agile teams. Learn how to start from writing effective stories that represent the voice of the customer to delivering value that everyone can appreciate. In this session, we will get hands-on experience writing and estimating stories from a product vision for a sprint. Specifically, we will learn:

1. How to create alignment through effective users in your organization

2. About story sizing and how to break down user stories to fit within a timebox

3. How to develop a high-priority product backlog of user stories

How to Plan Like a Pro – Renaud Larzilliere & Tamara Nation
Get your teams on track with planning, conducting and continuously improving your Agile planning processes. In today’s ever changing market your ability to bridge the gap between strategy and execution has never been more crucial. In this session, you will learn how to:

1. Understand the do’s and don’ts of roadmap, release, iteration and daily planning

2. Lead your teams through an effective planning meeting

3. Find answers to your most common stumbling blocks

Steer It

Golden Circle of Transformation – Jean Tabaka
In this session, using Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” model, Jean will guide participants to:

1. Challenge their Agile adoption and transformation approaches. We first look at WHAT practices we’ve engaged that tell us, “Yes, we are doing AGILE.”

2. Investigate, “But HOW do we know which practices to choose or how to improve upon them?” That is where we engage in the notion of guiding principles.

3. Confront ourselves to dig deep into the truth of, “But WHY have our organisations chosen to engage in an Agile transformation at all?” Practices are not enough.

Agile Porfolio Steering Workshop – Wanda Marginean
Agile Portfolio Steering Workshop is an interactive simulation which will show you how to:

1. Apply Lean & Agile practices to the strategic level and how these pragmatic decision making methods can help you to deliver real business value, continuously.

2. Manage MMFs (minimal, marketable features), plan using Agile metrics, use feedback loops and make decisions in a collaborative way.

3. Understand how Agile Portfolio Management is different than traditional and how a lightweight strategic planning can enable you to flow high-value work through the development teams.


Customising Rally: Wanda Marginean & Tony Gilling
Rally training with Rally experts. In this interactive workshop, we’ll create our own Rally technical topic backlog, prioritize and execute in three one hour sprints In this session we will be talking about how:

1. Customised dashboards can improve visibility of your Agile projects.
2. To make the most of custom grids using various queries and what is behind Apps catalogue.
3. Explore App SDK leveraging Rally’s powerful REST API and look closer at integrations with other tools.

Learn from the real-world examples provided by our product experts and develop the Rally power user inside you!

Metrics & Reporting – Karl Scotland
The Performance Index Framework is a new way of measuring software organisations, which include a menu of metrics calculated from the use of software life-cycle tools complemented by simple surveys. The six dimensions covered are productivity, responsiveness, predictablity, quality, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.
Drilling down into the dimensions of the index provides new levels of insight to agile projects. Insight about what (process, people, technology, etc.) leads to bettter outcomes enabling organisations to make better decisions on the why.

The three key learnings are:

1. The reason why metrics should not be used.

2. An approach to identifying good metrics.

3. The outcomes which are worth reporting.

Know the Way, Show the Way, Go the Way – Agile Transformation from Start to Scale
Dean Leffingwell, author and creator of the Scaled Agile Framework™

Today’s most successful organisations have discovered that to reap the major benefits of Agile and Lean development they must understand how to move from single team implementation to scaled Agile. This requires a carefully crafted plan and structure along with diligent leadership. In this presentation, Dean Leffingwell, author and creator of the Scaled Agile Framework™, will use real-world examples to explain how this scaled approach can make the difference between reaping the benefits of Agile or suffering from disconnected and ineffective efforts.

Meet the Speakers

Jean Tabaka
Agile Fellow
Rally Software

I’m an Agile Fellow with Rally Software in Boulder, CO. I love coaching others about Agile software development. My passion in this realm has led me to concentrate on practices in collaboration and leadership. I’m also now reaching into systems thinking, Lean, and Kanban (you can read blog posts I’ve written about these topics). I see a strong interdependency among these various processes and practices. This has led me to also look outside of software and IT to our larger community about sustainable and restorative practices within our physical world. I graduated Magna Cum Laude and as a University Scholar from the University of Missouri. I hold a Masters in French Literature from Michigan State University and a Masters in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Ryan Martens
Founder and CTO
Rally Software

Ryan Martens brings to Rally proven leadership in dynamic, high growth software companies and is an expert in assisting organizations transition from traditional development processes to more Agile techniques. Before founding Rally Software Development – his fourth software start-up – Ryan directed the corporate adoption of Internet technologies within Qwest Communications, and then moved on to co-found Avitek, a Boulder-based custom software development firm where he served as Vice President of Marketing & Business Development. Ryan’s successful efforts at Avitek culminated in an acquisition by BEA Systems in 1999. At BEA, Ryan served as Director of Product Management for the eCommerce applications division and he was instrumental in growing that division to more than $50 million in revenue within its first twelve months.

Dean Leffingwell
Agile Methodologist
Scaling Software Agility

Dean is an entrepreneur, executive, author and consulting methodologist who provides agile transformation consulting services to large software enterprises. Recently, Dean was founder and CEO of consumer marketing identity company, ProQuo, Inc. He also served as chief methodologist to Rally Software where he focused on the application of agile development methods to large scale software development. Formerly, Dean served as Sr. Vice President to Rational Software (now IBM’s Rational Division), where his responsibilities included development and commercialization of the Rational Unified Process (RUP), ClearQuest, RequisitePro and the company’s methodology and product training courses. Dean has been a student, coach and author of contemporary software development and management practices throughout his career. His most recent book, Agile Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs, and the Enterprise, was published by Addison-Wesley in January of 2011. This book provides practical, agile approaches to managing software requirements for teams and teams of teams, as well as practices that scale to the full enterprise architecture and portfolio level. His prior book, Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises, focuses on the application of agile methods to large, distributed development organizations. He is also the lead author of the text Managing Software Requirements: First and Second Editions also from Addison-Wesley.

Renaud Larzilliere
SVP – Head of Research & Development

Renaud heads the development of new software and solutions at RIMES. He brings technical leadership, Agile expertise and over 13 years of software engineering experience to create innovative software for RIMES’ leading solution, the RIMES Benchmark Data Service® (RIMES BDS). Since its inception in 2009, Renaud has managed the RIMES R&D function according to Agile principles. As part of RIMES’ ongoing development, teams now use a mixture of KANBAN and SCRUM.

Before joining RIMES, Renaud was Senior Project Manager at SAP Business Objects where he handled various software-related projects, from large scale global software releases to process improvement initiatves. As an early adopter, he successfully introduced Agile, Scrum-based practices for one of these projects. Prior to SAP Business Objects, Renaud served as Program Manager at Thales Services where he delivered key sytems to the French Army, amongst which the Marine Nationale supply chain information system. Renaud graduated from École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de St-Étienne and is PMP certified.

Tamara Nation
Product Coach
Rally Software

Tamara Nation is a Product Coach at Rally Software, where she pursues her passion for enabling individuals to learn, grow and thrive using Agile and Lean principles and processes. She has helped launch dozens of teams with their Agile and Rally tool adoptions and considers distributed teams to be her specialty.

Tamara has spent 15 years working in a variety of roles on software development teams large and small. She started her career as an ADA programmer for unmanned aircraft. Other notable work experiences include being the solo production Oracle DBA for a team of 50, building a software support team from scratch and leading Web development teams for Fortune 100 companies. It was her experience as a technical project manager that led her to discover Scrum in 2008. Frustrated with delays and a lack of real results, she began to add Scrum best practices to her project and was amazed as it transformed her team completely. At Rally, Tamara has grown as a facilitator and a coach and is always looking forward to meeting her next Rally customer.

Karl Scotland
Certified ScrumMaster & Agile Coach
Rally Software

Karl Scotland is a versatile software practitioner with over 15 years of experience covering development, project management, team leadership, coaching and training. For the last 10 years he has been successfully applying Agile methods, and most recently has been a pioneer and advocate of using Kanban Systems for software development.
Currently an Agile Coach with Rally Software in the UK, Karl is a founding member of the Lean Software and Systems Consortium and the Limited WIP Society, and has previously championed Agile and Lean Thinking with the BBC, Yahoo! and EMC Consulting. Karl writes about his latest ideas on his blog at

Antony R. Gilling
Technical Account Manager and Agile Adoption Expert
Rally Software

Antony brings nearly 25 years of experience in consulting delivery of Applications Lifecycle Management (ALM) software solutions. He is a Certified ScrumMaster (Agile), a Certified Prince II Practitioner, and also has an ITIL Foundation and Manager Certification. Mr. Gilling also has won several awards during his time at both Serena Software and Merant. Currently at Rally Software, Antony specializes in partnering with Rally’s customer to ensure success through the entire life-cycle.

Wanda Marginean
Technical Account Manager and Agile Adoption Expert
Rally Software

Wanda is a Technical Account Manager at Rally Software, a market leader in Agile ALM. Wanda previously worked for IBM and Telelogic, mainly focusing on business analysis, consultancy and deployment of portfolio, product, and requirements management software. She has extensive experience working with various organisations and industries. During her project engagements Wanda became passionate about positive changes that Agile methods bring to the business. She is a Certified Scrum Master, PRINCE2 Practitioner and holds a Bachelor degree in Marketing and Masters with Honours in Economics from Gdansk University of Technology

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