Brent Barton

PPM Product Line Director
As Product Line Director for Portfolio Management, Brent strives to bring agility into the business side of organizations to leverage what lean and Agile methods can offer. Brent came to Rally Software through the acquisition of Agile Advantage, Inc., where Brent was President. His expertise includes insights into the challenges that iterative and incremental development brings to product and program portfolios. Brent co-authored the 2006 IEEE research paper, “AgileEVM – Earned Value Management in Scrum Projects,” to demonstrate that Agile could be used in projects requiring EVM. Brent’s passion is in helping individuals, teams, and organizations build great software, and has an extensive background mentoring and guiding whole organizations toward agility. Brent has held the positions of CEO and CTO and has served in contributor and management roles in software engineering, program, product, and portfolio management.

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Post Date: 08/21/2014
Last Comment: 2 years 2 months Ago
This capacity planning post addresses the value of tolerating incomplete data in portfolio planning--a principle that applies to both demand and supply.  Demand Tolerance: Detail Initiatives Only As You Get Close to Scheduling Them When we plan out 12 to 18 months, we’ll make decisions on less-accurate data than for the upcoming quarter. In other words, we’ll be less certain as our planning horizon moves farther into the future.    
Post Date: 05/08/2014
Last Comment: 1 year 4 months Ago
  In Principle #1 of Capacity Planning --The Team as a Resource Unit--we dicussed feature and component teams, which become the “currency” for capacity planning. Now we’ll focus Principle #2: “Roughly Right.”  
Post Date: 01/09/2014
Last Comment: 2 years 9 months Ago
Recently I was honored to speak at the Agile for Government Summit.
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