Michael Fleetwood

User Experience Researcher, Rally UX Team

As a user experience researcher on Rally’s UX team, Michael provides insight into user needs to help teams work on the right things at the right time. He believes in testing early and often, challenging all designs, and spreading customer empathy. Michael holds a doctorate in human-computer interaction from Rice University.

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Post Date: 01/14/2016
Last Comment: 9 months 1 week Ago
About two years ago, we instituted a program dubbed “Know Your Customer,” which requires everyone in the engineering organization to have at least two customer contacts per year. At the time, I thought we were aiming low. “Just two customer contacts?” I complained. As we instituted the program over the next six months, a couple of things became abundantly clear: two customer contacts was going to be a high bar for many of our software engineers, and requiring (aka “forcing”) them to meet with customers wasn’t going to get us there.
Post Date: 05/28/2015
Last Comment: 1 year 4 months Ago
The bookends of the story are well understood: A user tries a new feature and when it doesn’t work the way he expects, he voices his frustration. Some time later, he returns to the feature to complete the same task. This time, his frustration is gone and the user can get his job done as he expects. What happened between the time he voiced his feedback and the time the feedback was addressed?
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