RallyON 2012 Day Two Recap

"Build better software, build a better world."   - Tim Miller Rally Software CEO

Day Two Highlights

  • Change, Complexity, Uncertainty. Christoper Avery presented the Leadership Gift: Your Personal Responsibility.  Focusing on why Agile must be a verb, not a noun, Christopher articulated the difference between accountability and responsibility:  Accountability as an external force where you must "account" for credible threats, and Responsibility as an internal force, where the ability to respond leads to a sense of ownership.
  • Alex Pukinskis and Steve Stolt presented The Eight Rules of Stakeholder Engagement:
  1. You own the product
  2. Get good at saying no 
  3. Always have a story
  4. Sometimes you have to be unpopular
  5. Be careful about what expectations you set
  6. Be the parent
  7. Plan to learn
  8. Remember to celebrate
  • "I made a mistake and learned something today" Dean Biron shared Rhythm, Play, and Winning by Failing.  Hopefully those who played remember the Clapping Game. Dean left us with the ideas that you must have fun with the people you work with, and creativity and innovation are more critical than satisfying expectations.
  • CPO of Task Top Dave West shared his goal of “Helping people deliver software just a little better.”  Dave concentrated on four areas to improve software agility -- autonomy, adaptability, transparency, and collaboration.
  • Agile Portfolio Management Panel - Todd Olson, Rally VP of Product, facilitated a fascinating panel discussion.  Panel members included industry luminaries Mike Griffiths, Jochen Krebs, Dean Leffingwell, Johanna Rothman, and Alan Shalloway. Alan Shallow identified fear in organizations by suggesting that, “Fear in organizations is valid, the solution to combat fear typically is not...”

Happy 10th Birthday Rally!
Following the Agile Portfolio Management Panel, RallyOn attendees migrated to Rally Software HQ, in celebration of Rally’s 10th Birthday. Day 2 concluded with an inspirational speech by CEO Tim Miller discussing why Rally Software is the Best Company to Work for in Colorado.  Tim explained that by working collaboratively while embracing trust, risk, transparency -- we can solve the world's toughest problems. Tim’s elaborated on how “building better software can build a better world.”  Leaving us with three goals, Tim encouraged RallyOn attendees to:

Appreciate Someone

Build a Community


Following the laughs and tears of Tim’s speech, we peered into the final day of the conference....What would Stanford D-School Professor George Kembal discuss?  Whose engineering skills would win the Hack-A-Thon trophy of glory? And how could we take these precious learnings back to our organization?  Well, stay tuned for tomorrow we’ll find out.

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