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We’re Moving: Rally Blog Has a New Home on CA Highlight

Posted by Rally in Agile

You’ve probably heard by now that Rally Software has become part of the CA Technologies family. As a result we’re moving the agile blogs you know and love from here, to there:

Beginning in mid-October, the Rally blogs will no longer be available in their current locations.

3 Simple Productivity Metrics for Agile or Waterfall

I want a number, a metric, that tells me how productive our teams are!”

challenged my former Head of IT, some years ago. Certainly, it’s a reasonable request to ask how productive a team (or a whole system) is.  

But first let’s look at the why behind the question. Why do we measure productivity?  Because we should? Because we can? For transparency? Accountability? To drive behaviors and influence culture? Should we measure it at all?

Enterprise Tipping and the Rules of Three

Posted by Jim Tremlett in Agile


Enterprise tipping is NOT the corporate version of cow tipping, although it is fun to play with the analogy. ;)

Consider rewriting the following description of cow tipping (via Wikipedia) replacing “cattle” and “cows” with “business units.”

12 Failure Modes in Agile Transformation: Transition

Posted by Jean Tabaka in Agile

Up to this point in this series on the 12 failure modes in agile transformation, I’ve covered topics around failure in leadership, failure in workflow and failure in congruency.

How Scrum Created the Greatest Team in the World

Posted by Suzanne Nottage in Agile

The Scrum approach to delivery has produced the greatest team in the world. And the elements behind the team’s success are repeatable, meaning your team could be next in becoming the greatest team in the world. (That sure has a nice ring to it.)

Decisions in Progress and 20,000 Reasons You Should Care

At a large big room planning (BRP) event run by one of our customers recently, between 400 and 500 people spent two days planning their next 12 weeks of work. The stakes were high, as the health care product they are racing their competitors to deliver must go live by January 1st.

You Asked, the Agile Aficionados Answered

Getting onboard with Agile methods across your organization is no small task. To do it well requires knowledge, culture change, and practice — lots of practice — at all levels.

Rally is fortunate to have some of the most experienced practitioners in the industry. Their broad experience working onsite with customers and their deep knowledge of Agile practices, organizational culture, and human behavior only excites in them a deeper curiosity and eagerness to learn. As you can imagine, this makes them great advice-givers and storytellers!

The SAFe Program Portfolio: A Lean Perspective on Limits

In light of the discussion over at kanbandev about the feasibility of how SAFe’s WiP limiting approaches work at the portfolio level, there are few nuances that are important to understand. (I've included references below for more information at the Scaled Agile Inc. website, and more information can also be found in the portfolio module of the course materials.)

The Role of PI Objectives

Posted by Eric Willeke in Coaching

Our coaching team is having a bit of an internal discussion about the role of PI (Program Increment) Objectives and their importance, and this debate has touched on the nature of Agile Release Trains themselves. I’ve put a lot of thought into this and I feel that organizations are wasting some of the deeper power of SAFe® when misusing them, so I thought I'd share some opinions here.

The Daily Standup ... or the Daily Canary?

Posted by Ken Clyne in Coaching

The daily standup, long one of Agile’s trademark ceremonies, seems to have been coming under fire lately.


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