Town meeting“public meeting that draws people in a geographic area (or around the globe) to discuss issues but not vote on any legislative or administrative action. Notably, the term is commonly used by politicians (and Agilists) in the United States to describe forums at which voters (other Agilists) can ask questions.”

About a year ago I started getting questions from many of our customers about using Agile in high assurance environments. At the time many of these questions were from healthcare customers (medical device and healthcare IT) who comply with regulations like, U.S. FDA via CFR 820.30 and international standard IEC62304. Along with questions like, “when should we perform Validation?”, came requests to talk to other customers who have similar regulatory requirements.  It seemed like a movement was occurring. With Rally’s support I organized the first round table conversation for Agilists in regulated environments space at Agile 2010 in Orlando.

This first “Town Hall” was small but started a valuable discussion that has gained momentum since we met last August. Much of the conversation was lead by me and industry thought leader and author, Dean Leffingwell, in his blog series High Assurance and Regulated Environments. Many of you along with other industry consultants posted comments, emailed us, and requested phone conversations to participate in the shaping of our lifecycle model, requirements model, etc. Along with Dean’s series I recently launched my own series on Rally’s Agile Blog to discuss Agile Tooling for High Assurance software development.

The blog series and conversations that we’ve had so far are not the end but really just the beginning. Together we all own this content and are responsible for challenging it and updating it as we mature and move the space forward.

What will we do in the proposed town hall meeting?
Our first priority will be to reflect on the progress we have made as a community and to call out successes like, “I passed an audit!” Next, we’ll dig into the meat of the meeting where Rally Coach, Julie Chickering, will facilitate a conversation that will guide us to the 2 or 3 items that we would like to work before we have a chance to meet again. Lastly, we’ll determine if there is a good way for us to collaborate more often.

If you would like to introduce yourself and suggest a topic for discussion during the town hall please email me at or better yet leave a comment on this post. If not, then come prepared to vote with your feet for this proposed Day 2 Session.

A big thanks to all who have worked so hard to move this conversation to where it is now but don’t stop. Let’s move it forward!

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Craig Langenfeld is a Rally Product Ambassador with a passion around building strong communities of practitioners who help each other advance their software practices.  He will be attending Jazz Fest the weekend before RallyON so be sure to ask him how the music was.

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