“Plans are nothing; steering is everything.” (adapted from Dwight D. Eisenhower’s “Plans are nothing; planning is everything”)

As a part of the track focusing on Rally Product Vision and Strategy, the Project Stratus session will look into the plans for the upcoming agile strategic planning solution we have been validating for the past several months, that will help Rally customers steer their strategic plans with empirical development data.

In the session, we’ll cover:

●      What we learned since we announced Project Stratus

●      The process we are following to take Stratus to the market

●      The current plans for the Agile Strategic Planning product

If you are involved in roadmap planning activities, on the hook to provide high-level development updates to others in your organization, have a desire to improve strategic planning or would like to learn more about Project Stratus, this is the session for you.

I am hoping for an engaged discussion on how you do strategic planning today, challenges you face and what you have seen work and not work, so we can all learn from our individual experiences.

Additional background material for the session:

Posts from Rally’s Agile Blog:

If there are specific questions that you want answered, I’d value your feedback to help shape the session content. Please add a comment on this post or through Twitter by including #RallyON11. I’ll do my best to incorporate them into my presentation and our discussion.

RallyOn Conference Session #144

Catherine Connor is a Product Marketing director at Rally Software and the lead on Project Stratus.

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