How do we help our team members to perform, grow and enjoy their work the most? Marcus Buckingham described management as finding what’s unique among team members and capitalizing on it. “Our people are our greatest asset” might be more correctly stated as “Our people’s talents are our greatest asset,” and aligning your people’s talents to their tasks so that they play to their strengths the majority of each day is key.

The premise of strengths-based teams is that the most effective method for drawing the best out of people is to build on their strengths rather than correcting their weaknesses. People don’t change that much, and the effort to remediate their weaknesses is much effort for little return. Gallup surveys show that less than 2 out of 10 of us do what we are wired to do best, missing out on significant, quantified performance and growth. Agile teams are excellent environments for uncapping this potential.

The session will walk attendees through how to do that on agile teams by leveraging the strengths-based approach of The Gallup Organization and Buckingham.  We will walk through examples of how I’ve worked with individuals on teams, finding unique roles within the team that leverage their strengths (and sometimes address problems), and enable the team as a whole. I will also share how I identify potential ScrumMasters based on their strengths themes.

Come to the session to find out how to get started with your team with as little as an hour of effort. Any team member will benefit from this session by learning how to discover and leverage their strengths, and the session is especially for those leading or managing teams or team members.

Additional background information:

How do you see team members grow or perform the best? How do you help team members see and appreciate (and even leverage) each other’s differences?  Please comment, email, or hit me up on Twitter, or to tweet including the #RallyON11 hashtag.

RallyOn Conference Session #121

Scott Dunn is an Agile Coach at Rally Software. You can find Scott on Twitter at @sdunnrocket9.

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