Who has been waiting patiently for an explanation of the many features of the new AppSDK documentation? Well fans that wait is over!

Today I will show you what we have to offer in the most recent preview version of the AppSDK 2.0 documentation. The best way to find the current version of the AppSDK is to check out the Developer Portal. This documentation is powerful and one of my favorite improvements over the previous version.

With our new AppSDK documentation powered by JSDuck, SDK users can have access to a well indexed set of docs that show all of the powerful new functionality of the AppSDK in a simple manner.

If you are like me, then when looking at code documentation you want easy access to the actual code that it is documenting to make sure that your understanding of the description aligns with what you actually see the underlying code doing. JSDuck provides easy access to the source code for all documented files.

Many of the components have an interactive live example that lets you see how the component behaves in the browser.


Another great feature of the new docs is the examples section


This section shows you a series of examples of simple Apps using the most common components. If you are trying to use a grid or a cardboard in your App, then these examples can help you get started.

If you are looking for a more in-depth lesson on how to use the AppSDK 2.0, you can try one of our guides. Guides are designed to get you springboarded into using the AppSDK and the ExtJs framework. See below:

I hope this helps you get started using the AppSDK.

The App SDK is still in a preview state and we are still working out the rough spots. We welcome any feedback you have for us.

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