Introducing the Rally Developer Blog!

Welcome to our new Developer blog. The intention of this blog is to help show the best ways to use Rally’s platform to customize our tool to best suit your needs as a developer. One of the main ways that people use the Rally platform is by creating Apps.

An App is a way to customize how you interact with Rally data from inside the Rally tool. With a custom App, you can create your own reports. These reports can give you insight into your team’s behavior and help you understand how to better optimize your process. For example, you might be able to gather the insight that the reason you missed your release date was because you added additional, unplanned work.

You can also modify your dashboard with Apps to streamline changes to your Stories, Defects or Portfolio Items.

The Estimation Board is Born
A few years ago I was frustrated with using grids to estimate stories in team meetings, and I wanted a way to see all the other stories’ sizes relative to each other. To solve that problem, I created the Estimation Board. I liked the estimation board because at a glance you could see what stories needed to be estimated and which stories the team thought were large and should be split.

At Rally, our SDK for creating Apps is now in open preview. We are using this App internally to create all of our newest Apps and features. This means that if we need a control or a component to create a new feature – we will add them to the SDK.

In the next few months you will have access to these Apps on GitHub. All Rally App code will be provided with an MIT license. What this means is that you will be able to customize all of Rally’s new Apps to better suit your internal process.

In the future, content on this new developer blog will be related to new technology and customer success stories. Whenever possible, we will share the code that was used so you can use it yourself.

Stay tuned for future posts which will include the story of a Rally customer who created a large touchscreen interactive dashboard that is a Kanban board, shows current defects and more!

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