Engineering blog: How long have you been with Rally and what were you doing before?
Matt: I’ve been with Rally for about a year and a half now. Previously, I was working as a software developer/architect for the University of Phoenix.

EB: What made you choose Rally?
Matt: I chose Rally because of its: Passion for quality in all levels of the organization. Commitment to community and environment. Focus on employees maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Fun! – This company seriously knows how to have fun.

EB: What sorts of things have you worked on at Rally?
Matt: Converting from Eclipselink to JPA API (btw, thanks for that week 1 hazing!). Migrating Rally search to use the Solr search engine. Foundation of our new User Interface – ExtJS4-based JavaScript toolkit, Multi-Tab browsing. Upgrading our Ruby Selenium browser tests to use the version 2.0 WebDriver API.

EB: What are your favorite things to work on?
Matt: I prefer working on the front-end, enhancing our user experience and developing the building blocks to enable fast development for both our internal teams and external customers building new UI’s with our Web Services API and JS toolkit.

EB: Explain your nickname.
Matt: P-bomb. Originally coined by Russ while playing foosball against me. It typically refers to me scoring on a thundering shot from the defensive position or a slow change-up shot that drives the goalie crazy when they can’t stop it. At that time, p-bombs were seldom seen, but I’ve improved enough that I think others secretly gather to share how terrified they are of them now.

EB: Anything else you’d like to share about life at Rally?
Matt: Can’t really say good enough good things. It’s a great group of passionate people who challenge me and bring out the best in each other.

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