As Steve Neely wrote about in his post Two for foos?, a large portion of the Engineering team regularly participates in a lunchtime sports game.  We play one sport, twice a week, for two weeks before rotating to the next sport.  This summer, our rotation has been made up of ultimate frisbee, soccer, and touch football.  Our bi-weekly game has been a great team-building experience and a great time overall so I thought it’d be a great idea to share the score along with a quick summary on the Engineering blog.

Today we played touch football.

The teams:

Team 1
Eric “The Red”
Fatt Marrar
Full House (all-time offense)
Mike R.

Team 2
Full House (all-time offense)
Love Muscle

The Score:

Team 1: 58
Team 2: 36


The teams traded scores until both teams were in the upper-20’s.  Team 1 then went on a run, scoring the next several touchdowns unanswered before Team 2 finally put a stop to the run.  Team 1 then scored the final touchdown on the next possession.

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