Rob Park and I will be hosting a CodeRetreat at Rally on March 27th.

What is a CodeRetreat (taken from the CodeRetreat Ning site)?

At CodeRetreat, we retreat from the world to advance in our craft. We sharpen our saws, together. We retreat from production and business value to increase our production capacity, our quality, our velocity, our ability to produce business value. We retreat from immersion in deep technology weeds (Oh no! The JBoss ClassLoader is giving me CCE’s!) to advance in our ability to learn and adopt to any technology well. We retreat from our fears, and embrace new practices, patterns, languages.

We retreat from our local ponds and swim in a larger pool. We connect with other passionate coders who we seldom get to code with. We make new connections and learn new lessons.

Code Retreat Format

This will be a fun day for all. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided. If you will be attending, please register at or send me an email at aesterline at rallydev dot com.

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