Let’s face it, JavaScript is taking over. It’s the top language on github, and it’s no longer confined to the browser. If that comes as a surprise to you, it might be time to up your JavaScript game. How, you might ask? Here are a few places to start.

Read a book

Not exactly a novel idea, but there are some great books out there that will help you get up to speed.

goodpartsJavaScript: The Good Parts


Douglas Crockford cuts out the superfluous and gets to what you need to know about core JavaScript, sans any library.

prodesignpatternsPro JavaScript Design Patterns


First part Object Oriented JS, second part JS design patterns. It helped me think more about performance and memory usage in JS, even if a lot of the concepts will be taken care of by whichever JS libraries you use.

javascriptninjaSecrets of the JavaScript Ninja


John Resig, creator of jQuery, digs into the skills necessary to write your own JS library. For the JS journeyman looking to be a master.

Essential JavaScript Design Patterns for Beginners, Volume 1 – a free online book that gives a solid understanding of some JavaScript design patterns.

Go to a conference, or watch the aftermath

If you can’t make it to a JavaScript conference check out the session videos for free.

JSConf/NodeConf (over 100 videos since 2009)

Breaking Development Conf

Sencha (videos from SenchaCon and meetups)

jQuery Conference 2011 Bay Area

Frontend 2010

Go to a local meetup

There’s no better way to learn JS than to learn it with some local people interested in the same thing. Check out these places to find a meetup near you.

beer.js – Around the world, JS geeks love to gather, drink, and occasionally code.

meetup.com – Join a group near you, or start one

Follow the Tweets

If you want to stay in the loop, keep track of what these guys are up to. This is who I follow, definitely not comprehensive.

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