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Flowdock on Apple Watch

Posted by Mikael Roos in Product

The future is here. Well, at least the retrofuturistic dreams about talking to your watch that were made perhaps most famous by David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight in Knight Rider. With Apple Watch and CarPlay coming out, it almost looks like Apple is taking cues from the 80s TV classic.

The Five Acts of Feedback Management

The bookends of the story are well understood: A user tries a new feature and when it doesn’t work the way he expects, he voices his frustration. Some time later, he returns to the feature to complete the same task. This time, his frustration is gone and the user can get his job done as he expects. What happened between the time he voiced his feedback and the time the feedback was addressed?

@team Is the New @everyone

Good news, @everyone! Starting today, Flowdock has a new way to reach the right people in a flow: @team. You can decide whether you’ll be notified for @team on a flow-by-flow basis. Using @team instead of @everyone helps reduce unnecessary notifications — a win for all!

Stop Drowning in Email

Collaboration can have a big impact on your business. It stimulates creativity and innovation to drive success. Empowered teams that deliver fast are critical to your ability to win in today’s uber-competitive, fast-moving business environment. But how do you enable effective collaboration with a distributed workforce, including teams that are spread out across time zones?

Add Devops Visibility to Your Stories in Rally

One of the keys to successful DevOps is visibility: things like build lights and information radiators help greatly here. But wouldn't it be nice to have that same visibility at the user story level? I'll walk you through getting it all set up so you can see status, from user story through development and deployment.

Track and Plan Work in Rally, Straight from Flowdock

Does your team use Rally to track and plan work? Then you should definitely turn on the new integration between Flowdock and Rally. It’s bi-directional, which means that common tasks like assigning a story to yourself or changing its state can be done right from your chat. It’s also less noisy: related items are grouped together in inbox threads.

Keep Developers Wired In

Do you remember the scene from the movie "The Social Network," where the engineers are busy coding and no one interrupts them because they’re wired in?

"Don't bother him, he's WIRED IN."

Is that a real thing?


The Rally Page Teams Can’t Live Without

High-performing development teams—teams that work fast and collaboratively with other teams and business stakeholders—are essential to success with agile. Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting about some major new capabilities that will help teams collaborate in Rally to reliably deliver value to the business, while meeting developers where they work with tools and integrations that get things done.

Flowdock Enterprise is Here: Get It Today.

(This post is cross-posted at the Flowdock Blog.)

Better Visibility with Portfolio Kanban Swimlanes

Do you have visibility across all work in flight? Can you tell what work is happening on architecture runway vs. new feature, which teams are working on what, and whether a target date is at risk because deliverables haven’t started yet? If not you will soon, thanks to swimlanes — the latest addition to our portfolio Kanban.

(An example of Portfolio Kanban swimlanes, by team)


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