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We’re Moving: Rally Blog Has a New Home on CA Highlight

Posted by Rally in Agile

You’ve probably heard by now that Rally Software has become part of the CA Technologies family. As a result we’re moving the agile blogs you know and love from here, to there:

Beginning in mid-October, the Rally blogs will no longer be available in their current locations.

Such Custom. Many Apps. Meet App SDK 2.1.

Posted by Kyle Morse in Developer

Today I’m proud to announce the release of App SDK 2.1. It’s the highest version we’ve ever released and it’s full of shiny new things:

Enhance Your Productivity with Advanced Filtering

Many of us use agile methodologies because we want to be productive and successful, and we care about our work. Having the right technology to support our agile practice is crucial to our productivity. Here at CA we want to help you boost your productivity and we’ve heard your requests for faster, more focused access to your work. That’s why we added Advanced Filtering and Saved/Shared Views to the CA Agile Central Iteration Status page.

Labs: An Experiment for You and for Us

Every quarter, our engineers do a hackathon: a designated chunk of time (usually, but not always, a week at the quarter's end) where engineers can work on projects of their choice. All hackathons end with a big demo that showcases each individual project, ranging from changes in color schemes to grand projects: ones that might lead to full-fledged features our entire company backs with real cash.

Customize Your Work with Custom Fields

Your business is unique. Your work is unique. Your organization’s users rely on Agile Central for visibility, status and reporting on their work. So it’s no surprise if you want to be able to customize the platform to meet your specific methodology, tracking and reporting needs.

Custom fields are commonly used to align and categorize work that crosses teams and functional organizations, and to support larger, corporate-wide initiatives. Custom fields also are used to create agile workflows that work for your organization.

Stop Thinking About Stories. Start Thinking About Features.

Posted by Steve Wolfe in Product

Most of us who practice agile have good intentions: we want to solve problems for our customers and with our colleagues. We plan our work based on how long it takes us to get it done and how fast we think we can go. High-performing agile teams, over time, become great at reliably delivering what we promise, iteration after iteration.

New on Flowdock: Markdown Support and an Emoji Picker

Posted by Mikael Roos in Product

This post originally appeared at the Flowdock blog

Know When to Act to Speed Your Value Delivery

Last month, we blogged about our new release tracking page in the Rally platform, which helps delivery leaders steer progress across the multiple, coordinated development teams that make up their agile delivery group. Combining an at-a-glance view of overall progress with the ability to identify and drill into problem areas quickly helps these leaders know what conversations to have and what roadblocks to clear.

Inside the RallyON Hackathon

Posted by Chase Doelling in Product

Running a hackathon opens up lots of opportunities for your customers — namely to extend their current capabilities and learn something new. We held a two-day hackathon after the RallyON!™ 2015 Agile conference where our customers built custom apps and visualizations using the plethora of data that is the Rally platform. Our setup is slightly different than traditional hackathons or startup weekends in that we pair 1:1 developer to customer, sometimes 1:2 if there’s a common project.

Find the Right People in Your Company

This post is cross-posted at the Flowdock blog.


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