While the ground may be freezing at many of the Rally offices, the new features have been heating up over the past few months and now all have been released into orbit, making our 2011.4 release a hot one. As we release incrementally, you have likely seen many of the features already in your subscription.

The last but certainly not least of the features Rally Portfolio Manager, was just made available to Rally customers December 6th, and is included at no additional cost in Unlimited Edition subscriptions. Tuesday, as I was in the office watching and listening to Geoffrey Moore, author of Escape Velocity and Crossing the Chasm, speaking about Agile Portfolio Management at Rally’s live event in Menlo Park, CA; I could not help but be even more proud about this release. While many of my Rally counterparts are physically at the events, the energy around here is contagious. Speakers also included Ryan Martens and Todd Olson from Rally, you can still tune in for the next event, sign up here.

So what is so exciting about Rally Portfolio Manager? Agile Portfolio Management bridges the gap between agile execution and business strategy.

Rally Portfolio Manager helps agile development teams understand the business reasons behind sprint and release-level user stories by connecting development user stories to higher-level portfolio investments. It aggregates development status above the team and user story levels to provide epic, initiative and project status in terms meaningful to those outside development: percent complete, planned start date, projected end date, actual start and completion dates


As a special promotion, all existing Rally Enterprise Edition customers can try Rally Portfolio Manager for free until January 31, 2012! Contact your Rally sales rep or send an email to sales@rallydev.com for details.

We have also added Advanced Security and Administration capabilities, which provides improved security and greater control over user access for Enterprise System administrators. This is achieved through enhanced Single-Sign-On support (SSO) for our On-Demand customers and LDAP Support for On-Premise customers. In addition, we have given system administrators the ability to restrict access to Rally via IP address and to control which file types can be included as attachments.

The 2011.4 release also included an addition to our our ideation solution, Rally Idea Manager. In case you missed the Rally Idea Manager Multisite announcement in October, you can read about it here. Multisite provides Product Managers the ability to engage with end users by product line or by audience (a different site for Partners for example).

Below are additional items that were also included in the 2011.4 Rally Release; which are all included in the Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition:

  • New Menu navigation
  • Improved Kanban Board: visibility into Task Status, Defect Status and Policies
  • Ability to copy Custom Views
  • Direct URLs to shared Custom Views
  • Bulk edit Parent field on the Backlog Page
  • Search enhancements: Queries with AND, OR, and ! (not) conditions are now accepted

Resources have been consolidated into one place, greatly improving accessibility and searchability across all Rally help and support:

Heat up your lifecycle and launch into orbit with Rally :)

Feel free to take a deep dive into the details by subscribing to the What’s New. As always, engage and innovate with the Product Team on Rally Ideas.

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