We’ve all done it.

How can we not? It’s human nature to customize our world. Cars, burgers, World Peace… you name it, we’ll customize it.

Unsurprisingly, the team here at Rally loves customization. The same way we love foosball, Agile revolutionaries, and finely-crafted home brews. And some of the custom dashboards and pages that have been created around here are quite frankly, ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean of course, fantastic.

Recently, in coordination with the announcement of the Rally Platform and the app-building frenzy of the RallyON 2012 Hack-a-thon, we made it much, much easier to customize your Rally world. Take a look at the bottom of the sub-menu popup that comes up when you hover over a navigation tab… see that button that says ” + New Page ? ” Hit that thing and see what happens.

Screen Shot 2012-04-27 at 5.09.21 PM

Give your new personal page a name, select the layout, and….



Rally Apps are pieces of functionality that you can use to personalize your Dashboard and build custom pages in Rally. Apps display data, let you edit data, show graphs, or do just about anything else you can think of.

We have a ton of pre-built apps for you to select from in the App Catalog. We have a bunch of community-built Apps that we’ve looked at and approved for use in the Rally Platform. And best of all, YOU have great ideas on what kind of apps you’d like to see in Rally!

“How can I use this?”

  • If you’re a Product Manager, build a page of apps showing your features in a portfolio kanban so you can track delivery status
  • If you’re a Project Manager, build a page of apps that show the release status for each of your projects all on one page
  • If you’re a Developer, build a page of apps showing your tasks for each project, and toss in a kanban board for your primary project
  • If you’re a QA Engineer, build a page of apps showing lists of defects by severity, release status for each project, and some charts showing trends over the last 3 months

Want to build your own App? Join our developer community and dive into the Rally Platform and AppSDK! As our recent Hack-a-thon at RallyON 2012 showed, you can build a great new app that works seamlessly right within Rally – in just a day or two.

The combinations are endless, and the more community-built apps that become available the more you’ll be able to create that perfect set of pages to make your Rally truly “yours.”

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