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The beginning of the year is always a good time to replace the batteries in smoke alarms, renew that gym membership, and think about the best way to simplify and improve your subscription user administration. We can’t do much about those first two, but take a look at Rally’s Advanced Security and Administration.

We’ve had Single Sign-On (SSO) for our On-Demand customers for a while now, and based on your feedback we’ve put in a couple of useful new capabilities. First, you can now set your subscription to SSO-only and include a list of user accounts that continue to use Rally-based authentication. This “SSO authentication with exceptions” mode is a great feature for companies that want their users to authenticate with SSO, but also have integration and script accounts that are not authenticated by their internal directory access system. The teams we spoke to while developing this function love this as it centralizes user authentication with the standard corporate username/password, while also giving teams the flexibilty for automated integration and synchronization with tools like HPQC, Bugzilla and JIRA.  As an added bonus, you can now also specify which URL an SSO-authenticated user is taken to when logging out of Rally.

We’ve added a function to help with file attachments. Just in case your company is not a huge fan of users being able to upload .mp3, .exe, .zip or any other type of potentially damaging or copyrighted files, you can now specify which types of file extensions are allowed to be uploaded to Rally. This is a list of “allowable” file types, so pick your extensions and specify them on the subscription set-up page.

Finally, we’ve heard a lot of feedback that you would like to be able to configure your subscription to require access to Rally from either inside your network or VPN. The new “IP Range” feature does just that – specify your corporate range of IP’s, and all users in the subscription can only access Rally from that IP range. This is a great security feature that helps tremendously when users leave the company by restricting access to Rally as soon as they can not authenticate on your corporate network.

For our On-Premise customers, fear not – the allowable file extension feature is included in your 2011.4 release as well. We have also released an On-Premise LDAP integration/synchronization for simplified user management – check out the On-Premise blog for more details.

Advanced Security and Administration is part of Rally Unlimited Edition, and is available as an add-on option for Rally Enterprise Edition.

Happy administrating!

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