Rally is introducing powerful new capabilities that extend the functionality of our award-winning Agile ALM platform at RallyON 2012. Stay tuned for more news and details in the next two weeks. Today, we’d like to tell you about a key event at RallyON — a customer App Hack-a-thon. This event showcases just how easy it is to access and display your data to customize the Rally Agile ALM platform to meet your needs.

Become part of the Rally developer community

  • Do you want to build custom pages, right within Rally, that do exactly what you want them to do?
  • Are you excited about working with a social coding community to solve technical problems and collaboratively build, enhance and share open source apps?
  • Want to learn about our freshly updated tools and Analytics engine that make building custom pages super easy?

This is the first in a series of blogs that highlight the RallyON 2012 Hack-a-thon. To begin, we will focus on how to use the Rally developer platform to turn your ideas into reality.


The spirit of a Hack-a-thon is to collaboratively build features and applications, with engineers coming together to work in an area of personal interest with little to no restriction around the direction of the programming. Every three months, Rally engineers get eight working days to Hack. From this great work, we have numerous new innovations and features you use every day. To see an example of this, check out our recent blog post announcing Rally’s new Story Splitting feature.

We’re introducing some new platform extension capabilities at RallyON 2012. To demonstrate the range of innovative solutions you can create, we are bringing together a community of developers to hack out some new apps by pair programming with Rally engineers. Training, pizza, energy drinks and beer will be supplied during the Hack-a-Thon, with trophies and a new iPad 3 awarded to each member of the winning team.

Meet the Hackers

Let’s meet some of the Rally engineers who will be pair programming with customers at the Hack-a-thon:

Andrew_100 Andrew



Andrew has been at Rally for a year as a UI developer working on our new Rally Portfolio Manager product. One of his recent hack-a-thon projects was to prototype support for inline editable detail pages.

Ashly_100 Ashly



Ashly has been working on the Rally AppSDK and UI components for over a year, focused on interactive design and becoming a Javascript expert. One of her favorite hack-a-thons was a new UI component for advanced filtering that builds out query strings to display Rally data.

Burke_100 Burke



Burke is almost an old timer, having coded at Rally for four years. Burke works on our UI infrastructure and component design, and is a wizard with JavaScript. He recently hacked on a prototype for customizable tab sets in Rally.

Kyle_100 Kyle



Kyle has been at Rally for two years as a UI developer focusing on the Rally AppSDK. Kyle proudly built an add-in for Excel as one of his hack-a-thon projects at Rally.

Mark Mark



Mark has been at Rally for a year as an application developer on our new analytics API. Mark’s weapons of choice include Java, Groovy, Javascript, ExtJS and MongoDB. His favorite Rally hack-a-thon was a Rally Mobile App, where he built a prototype of Rally that runs on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

Will_100 Will



Will is a certified Rally old-timer, having been with us for 8.5 years. Will’s ‘Skillz that Killz’ include full stack development and testing, UI architecture, Java, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. He once built a prototype of a card based view of the Rally UI during a Hack-a-thon.

Sample ideas for the RallyOn Hack-a-thon

Here is a small sampling of new app ideas some of the Rally Engineers have come up with for the event:

“I’ve been kicking around an idea to build a timeline interface into the detail pages. With the new Analytics API’s we can easily see what a story looked like yesterday, or a year ago! Why not let the user scroll through time to see when it changed and who changed it?”

“An interactive chart showing a sort of cumulative flow for the count of defects of various ages vs priorities over time, with the ability to drill down into specific defects. I will call this a Defect Composition Evolution Chart.”

“I’m interested in exploring new Apps that add or enhance social features, such as better discussions, better notifications, chat, etc.”

“A Kanban board with a timeline slider that allows you to see the state of your kanban board at any point in time, maybe call it a ‘Kanban Time Machine.’”

What are your ideas?

The ideas for new apps are endless, and we’d love to hear yours! They may even be created at the RallyON Hack-a-Thon! Please share your ideas with us, and vote on submitted ideas at Rally Ideas. Click on the category (appropriately-titled:) “Apps.”

Lastly, stay tuned to future blogs when we will share the exciting results from the RallyON Hack-a-thon, and for more information on our soon-to-be announced platform and developer community solutions.

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