Running a hackathon opens up lots of opportunities for your customers — namely to extend their current capabilities and learn something new. We held a two-day hackathon after the RallyON!™ 2015 Agile conference where our customers built custom apps and visualizations using the plethora of data that is the Rally platform. Our setup is slightly different than traditional hackathons or startup weekends in that we pair 1:1 developer to customer, sometimes 1:2 if there’s a common project.

The Format

By using Flowdock to communicate before, during, and after the hackathon, we made sure everything was captured in one place. It made life a little easier to alert the @team when food had arrived (nourishment is key) and to find each team’s #demo to show off their work.

On day one, we held a Lean Coffee discussion to address technical questions about Rally SDK and to give our engineers a chance to ask about the scope of the project — and make sure it could be completed within two days for demos (which we limited to three-minute screenshares).

What Our Customers Built

During the RallyON hackathon, teams created tons of great apps that you might want to add to your dashboard. Check out our GitHub repository from our Hackathons and our Community. We demoed a few live, but here are the recordings.

Chartmatic 5000 (winning app)

By Chris Sheridan from American Express and Kyle Morse

Dynamic charting app with custom filters using pie, cumulative flow, burnup, and bar chart with the count or total sum of the plan estimates.

Test Case Status by Iteration

By Mike Rejniak from MasterCard and Ben Ridge

Find test cases by their iteration sorted by Failed, Blocked, Not Run, and Passed, in order of importance.

Pivot or Persevere

By Kalpesh Shah from American Express and John Martin

Voting and cumulative flow diagram of whether features should pivot or persevere within a given project.

Release Train Health Bar

By Sarita Regmi and Terry Keay from Intel, and David Thomas

Identify health through accept commit changes and scope changes within the release for teams.


By Matt Cotton and Ryan Friedman from National Instruments, and David Wire

Integrate retrospectives back into the Rally platform to create, vote, and store one of the most important ceremonies in Agile.

Date Shifter

By Allen Ringel from Intel and Garston Tremblay

Update your milestone dates and have your features dates update automatically.

Risk Stack

By Armando Rosas from Intel and Kristy Corkan

Stacked bar chart based on risk category to give an overview of team’s risk.

Want to write your own apps? Start with these great how-to videos and documentation for Rally SDK 2.0.

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