“We never deliver consistent results ... releases are either late or we miss on feature commitments.”  

“My teams are delivering features that are never used.”

Sound familiar? If you find yourself consistently thinking thoughts like this, you might need to reconsider your roadmap. Building an achievable program or product roadmap that delivers necessary business results is not an easy thing to do. Too often, teams take on too much work; or they work in isolation, disconnected from other teams in their organization or from changing market needs.

Realistic Roadmaps

Rally has recently introduced a new Roadmap Planning capability that helps address this common problem. It enables Product Managers, Program Managers, and development teams to collaboratively perform program- and product-level planning against a prioritized feature-level backlog, so you can create realistic feature roadmaps: plans that consider business value, feature size, cost of delay, and development capacity. For SAFe™ (Scaled Agile® Framework) adopters, Rally’s Roadmap Planning capability helps program and product teams establish a PSI (potentially shippable increment) cadence and prioritize work that maximizes value delivery across an entire Agile release train.

Predictable Releases

Those of us who work on large-scale program and product initiatives know how important it is to meet our commitments to the business. We need to track and steer the development progress of programs to on-time completion -- no small task when multiple, and often distributed, development teams are working together to deliver the features we need. Our business/executive stakeholders care a lot about this, so we need to be able to communicate value alignment and development progress to them -- for example, features and dates tied to the business initiatives they’re funding -- in a format that makes sense; not by forcing them sift through a massive set of user stories.

Rally’s Roadmap Planning capability also helps your program team bring the (release) train into the station. At-a-glance feature development status helps identify bottlenecks and helps you have the necessary conversations to help steer successful completion of the work. The always-realtime roadmap view can be reviewed directly with business/executive stakeholders to help align your work with business priorities, and obtain guidance on scope and time-to-market trade-offs that may need to be made. No surprises, commitments met!

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