Do you pronounce it “Kahn-bahn”, like the celebrated villain “Khaannnn!!!!” from Star Trek?

Or, do you prefer the term “Can-ban”, as in “I can imagine a ban on 48oz soft drinks”?

Regardless your flavor, we’ve got you covered. If you are a Scrum team, or if you prefer continuous flow, Kanban support in Rally is easy. We just recently did a comprehensive rewrite of our board, incorporating many of your ideas and comments to make the board faster, editing card data easier, and allowing you to display only the data you want on each card.

Major highlights of the new board include:

Easy Add User Story and Defect:
It is now very easy to add a new User Story or Defect, with the same UI that is used in other areas to "Add" and "Add with Details".


Easy to Edit inline:
It is now much faster to edit titles and owners with one-click access to change the card title or the card owner.


Cards can be color-coded:
Click on the ink droplet to assign a color to the card, to visually see card relationships. Here's a card in blue:

Use the "+" on the hover menu to add a Discussion, Defects or Tasks:
The "+" on the hover menu can be used to add an initial Discussion, Defect or Task. Subsequent Discussions, Defects or Tasks can be added from the "+" or by clicking on the associated icon on the card. Note: To show these options, you need to have “Defects (User Story),” “Discussion,” and “Tasks” Card Fields selected via the Kanban app’s settings panel.


Use the gear on the hover menu for quick access to common actions:
Click the gear and easily edit the card, copy the card, split the user story, and delete the card.


Easy to see % complete for Tasks and Defects:
The new design includes visual representations of the % done and time remaining for tasks and the number of active defects.


Customize which fields display on cards:
This enables the user to select which fields display directly on the card, making it faster to see key information. For example, it can be configured to display the "Blocked Reason" field.


And we didn’t stop there:

There are a ton more improvements to the board, including:

  • Easier to configure the board display, including the ability to create a custom query to filter the cards displayed on the board
  • Horizontal scrolling support, for displays and projectors that are low resolution with narrow screen real estate
  • Easier to configure the board to show/hide columns and map column field names to the standard schedule state names

Kanban boards now look like this: <click the image to expand>


Your feedback

Thanks again to all of you who provided feedback during the design process. Rally Community input on mockups, designs and wireframes formed the cornerstone of our work, and we’re thrilled to share with you the updated Kanban app.

Based on your feedback since launch, we are going to quickly add two additional features: The ability to see the owner name AND avatar on the card, and, adjust the column sizes to fit more columns on the screen. Keep the feedback coming!


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